Gardiner art history copyright signing ceremony — Reading —

"Gardiner art history" copyright – Reading – signing ceremony was held in Beijing in August 29, held recently at the twenty-third session of the Beijing BIBF International Book Fair, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House limited liability company and the company held the United States Cengage learning "Gardiner art history" (Fifteenth Edition Chinese Edition) copyright signing ceremony will book recommendation. The United States Cengage learning Asia Ltd. President Roy Lee, general manager of China Li Ziyong, South Media chairman Gong Shuguang and general manager Ding Shuangping, Hunan provincial press and Publication Bureau Director Zhu Jiangang attended. "Gardiner art history" is one of the world’s three largest circulated art history books the most extensive, enduring, and won the "2001 Association of textbooks and authors from colleges and universities teaching award" and "McGaffey Book Award" the authority of art history books of art history textbooks at Harvard University colleges and universities develop isometric spring etc.. The book with the theme of "panorama" perspective of art development, covering the prehistoric twentieth Century post modernist art, including painting, sculpture and architecture, design, photography and art and other arts categories, called the art history of the classic. In 2009, a wholly owned subsidiary of South Media’s Hunan Art Publishing Co. Ltd. and Cengage learning, signed the agreement, the introduction of "Gardiner art history" the 12 edition of Chinese copyright. After four years of careful sanding, 2013 "Gardiner art history" was listed on the harvest a piece of praise, and in the same book in the history of art, the reputation and price summit. As a responsibility to play, good find beauty, Beauty Press, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House was founded more than 30 years, has always been adhering to "inheriting the outstanding artistic achievements, improve the public aesthetic taste, improve the art quality of" do social purpose, committed to the dissemination and inheritance of the excellent. In "Gardiner art history" (Twelfth Edition Chinese Edition) based on the widely acclaimed, Hunan fine arts publishing house again and dedicated to higher education publishing and actively explore the market of the United States China Cengage Learning company approached the successful introduction of "Gardiner art history" (Fifteenth Edition Chinese version). The fifteenth edition of "Gardiner art history", Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House will continue to translate team of China Central Academy of Fine Arts professor Li Jianqun team with the twelfth version of the depth of cooperation, trying to build more in line with the popular reading habits of the version of "Gardiner art history". The new "Gardiner art history" will make new adjustments in the versions, will continue to introduce this passage, hardcover, the popularity of the other versions, such as the fifteenth version of the traffic compared to the twelfth edition of the increase in art history in Asia, to meet the more readers interest. At the same time, the contents of the more details and local graphics, in the layout of the increase in the night and pull the page and so on, so that the presentation of the book more beautiful. At the signing ceremony, South Media Chairman Mr. Gong Shuguang said "this is the Hunan Pavilion event, on behalf of us in a very open mind, to introduce and study the outstanding cultural achievements of foreign love it. "Gardiner art history" as one of the world’s three largest art history, a position of authority in the field of art history is self-evident)相关的主题文章: