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Forums So, as you have not used your account for long, you have forgotten your password, right? Well, this is a very .mon scene among those people, who have more than one account under their name. As this is a .mon scene, therefore; technical support team has the best gmail password recovery solutions, meant for your use. You can either link your account with phone number or with your alternative email account, to revive the lost password. However, recovering your account through text message is the most .mon and reliable way, to be followed by maximum account owners. Ways to enable text message Once you have added a phone number as your best recovery option, when you forgot gmail password, Google is likely to send a recovering message to your number, with a code. Just enter that code in said area and get your account recovered. Primarily, you have to sign in to your account In security section, click on the available update recovery option Select your country first and enter your number. You can either include the country code or may not use it Click on save button, located at the bottom of page Get to know about cost It is always advisable to contact the mobile phone service provider first, to know more about cost details, as related to text message. The costs are likely to vary, depending on the wireless plan and your mobile servicing provider. For recovering gmail forgot password solution, ensure to follow the steps minutely. If you fail to do so, no matter how much you try, you will not be able to recover your long lost password. After you have recovered your old account, wait no further and reset your password immediately. Provide an easy to remember password, and strong variations. For your recovery code If you want to send a recover code as associated with forgot my gmail password solution, you have to enter username on password assistance page. After that step, select the mobile phone option and click continue. Check your phone for any message from Google help desk regarding a code and confirmation SMS. Enter that recovery code as a part to recover gmail password, and click on submit recovery code option. For the last step, type and re-type your new password, which needs to be strong. A strong password .prises of characters, letters and numbers. Changing your password every alternative month, can increase the security means of your site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: