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News-and-Society Pizza is loved the world over, but for some pizza lovers the ultimate experience has to be gourmet pizza. Gourmet pizza offers that little bit extra, with the best flavours and highest quality ingredients. But what is gourmet pizza, and what makes it so special? The pizza we know today was originally thought of as a peasant food when it was first eaten in Naples some two hundred years ago, but it’s come a long way since then. Pizza has since been favoured with royalty and citizens alike, with countless pizza restaurants springing up all over the world. New pizza ideas and recipes are always being thought up, along with pizzas to appeal to even more discerning customers. Gourmet pizzas are a relatively new addition to the pizza repertoire, only being introduced in the last twenty years or so. As you would expect, a gourmet pizza is extra special, being made with only the finest quality ingredients and with the most unique and upmarket toppings available. Toppings such as salmon, dill or tiger prawns are common in gourmet pizza, making them popular with different types of customer. But it isn’t just the unique toppings that make gourmet pizza so special; it’s also the high quality ingredients that are used to make it. When it comes to gourmet pizzas, only the best is good enough. That means that the highest quality flour has to be used along with the best tomatoes and cheese available, second best is not an option. This means that there can be gourmet Margherita pizzas just as readily as there can be a pizza with tiger prawns on top, it’s all about the quality of the ingredients. Gourmet pizzas are of exceptional quality and taste, usually superior to everyday run-of-the-mill pizzas. This also means that they tend to cost more, but the gourmet pizza maker would say that you have to pay for quality, and that’s exactly what you get with a gourmet pizza. Gourmet pizzas really offer something extra to pizza lovers and can appeal to people that may not usually choose pizza as a dish. They really can be special, and to find a great gourmet pizza store checking out your local Pizza directory is the fastest way to The other option is to make your own gourmet pizza at home. Though this can be time consuming and more of a mess to clean up afterwards, home made Pizza can be the most satisfying. Wherever you get your gourmet pizza from, you’re sure to have a great experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: