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He was only 40, but to draw breath and methotrexate moist earth sing a landscape painting master, Van Gogh’s life experience and almost destitute, he died at the age of just 40. There is a strong contrast between the great works and the life story, which is a unique existence in the history of the world’s oil painting. This man is a landscape painting genius Levitan has been overlooked. Now young people don’t know much about Levitan, the two generation, as long as the oil painting, the painting is full of praise, influenced countless artists. Levitan (1861 – 1900), was born in 1861 in Lithuania Jibalatecun, is the father of railway staff, family life is very poor. Being Jewish, but also by ethnic oppression and discrimination, he seems unhappy to develop introverted personality. Levitan lived only forty years old, lifelong not married, so you very sad, is a young genius. In 1873, the lieweitan entered Moscow painting, sculpture and architecture school, "was the painter, famous scenic tour into the Exhibition Association, one of the founders of the Savrasov landscape painting class. Because of poverty, his daily living expenses only 3 kopecks, often at night in the studio on the bench for the night. The hard life has affected his genius, his talent is the founder of Russian realistic landscape paintings in favor of Savrasov, to train him to teach him, the literary tradition of Russian painting and how to use the profound lyrical techniques embodied in landscape painting practice, make Levitan become the next the master may become. Levitan, a master painter in the oil painting landscape, is a figure. His painting is full of quiet and bleak scenery; a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, small life countless bland, under his pen are so beautiful. Wet, black haystack, slow flow vortices rotate back and forth by the leaves of the river, has not been the wind lonely birch forest, like ice like the sky above the trees have been cut down and drizzle. Chaos falling leaves and withered grass off the sadness a parting scene. Levitan is a indulge in nature, and very profound dig out upon the painter charming poetry. In the ordinary scenery, to reveal the infinite beauty. His pen is full of vicissitudes of life, the cold tone of the clear sky coagulation lead colored clouds, white birch branches of snow on the heavy and depressed, vibrant leaves tremble in early spring cold. Concise lines, with images in dignified vicissitudes, painters devoted endless love. Standing in Levitan’s landscape, every person living in the noisy city, give birth to a desire, a yearning, to the lush jungle to see the twilight darkens the dusk, to the stream of log bridges and bridge at the foot of the small old mill around; in the moonlight, autumn lake, look around a fence in front of the cabin, walking around the dark and deep white birch forest music and look back! Some people say that the Russian painting is out of date, a bit tired of watching. In fact, did not really understand, in eighteenth Century the Russian oil painting is still a classic, it is worth repeating. Levitan in the scenery相关的主题文章: