Hey hey! Copenhagen built an adult playground sugus

Hey hey! An adult playground built in Copenhagen (original title: "don’t depend on the chair of Copenhagen built a playground called you up" adult HI) lead: Architects MVRDV and ADEPT recently in Denmark Copenhagen cooperation design a way of life experience Museum named KuBe. It sounds a bit iffy, in fact, this is a Multi Sport amusement park to encourage adults. From the moment of the door, each player needs to use their brains, body movement, find a way to come and go freely in the playground. (source: Author: Qin Lou Qi network interface   source: Designboom) the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! The whole "playground" is a multi-storey indoor space. The players have to do is to use climbing, jumping, drilling, rolling and other positions, through different built-in appliances, go upstairs and downstairs, for example, the use of steel slide down, or pull the expansion of climbing, etc.. Then in each layer of space in the playground, also prepared a project can be a theme amusement, skateboarding, maze, slide, also can sit down and take a nap. "For the rest of the space can also be used for conferences, debates and venues; some other space can also be used to dance, yoga and so on." MVRDV in the relevant design description. The whole playground covers a total area of 3200 square meters, is MVRDV and ADEPT for the living space of an attempt. Compared with the previous shopping, eating, watching, watching the way of life, the two companies hope to emphasize the importance of sports in modern life in this experimental space.相关的主题文章: