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High speed road is now driverless car front row 4 people crowded in the back of the figure for the man in the back seat of the four men, "who is this car?" Traffic police asked. "Don’t know." Inside the car, before emptying no one, the back seat crowded with 4 people, but did not know who was driving. On the evening of September 10th, when the Provincial Police Corps Macheng Police Brigade routine inspection, actually encountered a driverless car. That evening at 9:40 PM, the police brigade in Macheng G45 wide high-speed toll station renovation without the license plate of the vehicle, I saw a gray sedan at a distance of 30 meters of the toll station suddenly pull over, two police officers on duty immediately came to view. However, the police approached the car to see the front seat empty, the rear seat is occupied by 4 young men. Police asked who drove, 4 men actually say do not know. Is it possible that the car can be unmanned? Of course, the police do not believe, then 4 young men back to the brigade investigation. Came to the brigade, the police gave each person a piece of paper and a pen, respectively, so that they draw the seat had been sitting in the car. A few minutes later, the police recovered 4 drawings were analyzed, that one man surnamed TU was the most likely driver. In order to verify whether the correct, the police retrieved the nearby monitoring bayonet "car took over the picture, painted a driver is confirmed. Police subsequently identified, painted a Anhui people, did not get a driver’s license. That night, painted a home in Anhui, a friend Zhou drove him back home. Painted a self driving technology that is good, presumably no traffic police on duty in the evening, they put forward their own car, Zhou agreed. Behold, the police checked, painted a fear, immediately stop from the cab to the back of the drill, and Zhou did not have time to switch to the cab, the police came to the front. Police on a driving license for driving a violation of illegal severely criticized, punishable by a fine of 2000 yuan in accordance with the law of punishment; Zhou due to the car to the driver driving without a license, but also punishable by a fine of $2000. Source: AFP editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: