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Business In mining, limestone crushing production line,sand making line,construction waste dealing system,etc, SBM stone crusher and grinding machine are working their roles.Cone Crusher is popular stone crusher machine and impact crusher is usually applied as secondary or tertiary crushing machine. There are many grinding machines,such as ball mill, raymond mill, MTM Trapezium grinding mill,high pressure suspension grinding machine,etc. Nowadays, to meet customers’ great demands,SBM mobile crusher plant is invented. Compared with traditional cone crusher or impact crusher, the mobile crusher plant combined with both crusher machines. Apart from these, you will just need a set of mobile crusher plant to completely finish the whole crushing process. As you can see, there is a growing rapid of mining machine developping. However you will save a lot of cost if you know how to maintain cone crusher in a good state or to make impact crusher work for longer life time. Carefully read the article below and you will can learn much about these. To be checked before starting the grinding mill bearings, transmission equipment. Including connecting bolts, large gears connecting bolts, a material conveying equipment, safety facilities. And clear obstacle to the functioning of debris around the mill. You should follow the order of "discharge conveyor Equipment mill feeding equipment " to start grinding mill product line, and shutdown according to the opposite order. In the operation period shall be strict compliance with operating procedures. To achieve constant attention to the machine running sound is normal or not, check the lubrication of bearings and bearing temperature is normal, regular checks of the motor temperature and current, check the functioning of the transmission equipment. After the mill outage, check the main bearings, hollow shaft, cylinder, reducer connections and other important components, and wear problems are discovered timely processing. To make grinding mill normal operation and maintenance , the choice of lubricants, use, storage is very important. Because of the lubricants ,we can avoid direct contact with the surface of grinding mill parts and reduce friction , wear and tear. While taking advantage of thermal conductivity of the oil ,the heat generated by friction can be passed. So it should be kept clean and a certain degree of viscosity of lubricating oil, when ensuring adequate and smooth flow. If you need to stop grinding mill for a longer time, you should pour the balls out, to avoid the tube bend. In cold areas,such as in winter, you should release bearing cooling water in order to avoid Frost Crack. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: