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Home-Improvement Most of kitchens and bathrooms in residential as well as .mercial buildings are fitted with exhaust fans for the purpose of circulating unwanted odors and unhealthy stale air out of their territory. These fans have numerous other advantages and help the owners in keeping the environment clean and healthy by circulating fresh air. Whether they are being used for bathrooms or kitchens, different types of exhaust fans have different features and provide various solutions to the users, therefore you should consider the following points before installing them. The purpose of the fan Two most .mon places for installing these wall mounted propellers are at kitchen and bathroom. Though you wont find them specifically labeled as exhaust fans for kitchen or bathroom, but you can easily choose an appropriate one for the purpose by considering their features. An ideal exhaust fan for kitchen should be able to ward off the greasy air, moisture build up, and cooking odors created due to cooking in the kitchen. On the other hand, and ideal exhaust fan for bathroom must be capable of expelling stagnant unhealthy air and moisture build up from the bathroom. Moreover, the basic purpose of installing them is to help these areas with proper circulating of fresh air, therefore whichever model you choose should be able to do this job well. The volume of the room Whether you are installing exhaust fan for bathroom or kitchen, you must always calculate the volume of the room to determine Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). CFM is the minimum airflow required to circulate fresh air into the room 8 times per hour. The volume of the kitchen / bathroom or any other application area can be easily calculated by measuring its width, length and height, and multiplying them. Once you have calculated the volume of the room, you can easily determine the CFM by dividing the volume by 7.5. CFM is usually mentioned by the manufacturer on the box. Do check this digit to ensure that your rooms CFM should be equivalent to or less than that mentioned on the box. The quality of the product Though it is difficult for a layman to determine the quality of an exhaust fan simply by reading instructions mentioned over the box or even reviewing the product, but you can atleast trust the quality of the products manufactures by reputed .panies. Therefore, both exhaust fans for kitchens and bathrooms should be bought from reputed manufacturers offering an extended guarantee or warrantee over their products. By doing this, you will not only ensure buying a better quality product, but you will also have the assurance that your fan is covered by a warrantee / guarantee that entitles you to a replacement or repair within the prescribed time frame. Besides circulating fresh air into our homes, exhaust fan for bathroom or kitchen also help us to maintain a healthy and germ free environment. Refer to the above mentioned points before buying an appropriate one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: