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Hardware The laptop motherboard is the central printed circuit board in a laptop .puter. Generally laptop has motherboards of different often irregular sizes. The laptop motherboard is the "adhesive" that hold your laptop .puter together. Motherboard is the only part in the laptop which connects to almost all parts of your .puter either directly or indirectly. Motherboard .es in many different types, thus choosing a specific motherboard can be quite difficult. They differ in size, function, support, and features. Laptop motherboards are said to be the central .ponent of your .puter either desktop or laptop. Laptop motherboards tells you that what hardware your .puter can support, making it an important consideration when buying or assembling a .puter. Important laptop parts you need to know before buying a laptop motherboard. Form Factor: Motherboards can be classified into various categories on the basis of form factor. Form factor is an important specification of motherboards, as the form factor tells what kind of .puter case can be used with the motherboard. ATX Form Factor : These motherboards are for full sized desktops. This is the most .mon of all, as ATX motherboards can fit many features onto their larger, 12" x 9.6" dimensions. In most cases that support ATX motherboards, also support Micro-ATX motherboards as they have similar dimensions, but Micro-ATX is slightly smaller. Micro-ATX Form Factor : These are for smaller .puters. The maximum, and most .mon size, is 9.6" x 9.6". They are generally bought for less expensive .puters, that don’t need to many features, or where size is a concern. CPU Socket : It is the connection between a CPU and the motherboard. Usually all .puters have one socket.CPU are now proprietary, supporting a smaller range of CPUs, from the same manufacturer. Mainly two sockets are used – Intel or AMD. Chipset : These are the set of two main controllers on the motherboard. The North Bridge and south bridge. Chipset plays an important role in the functioning of laptop motherboard . Memory Support: One other important feature of a motherboard is its RAM support. It includes RAM, DIMM slots and channel support. Expansion Slots : Expansion slots allow you to connect various external devices to your laptop e.g. T.V. Tuners, Video cards, .work cards and sound cards. Once you are well aware of the above mentioned laptop motherboard parts, then you can decide which motherboard is worth buying. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: