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Business Thanks to the internet, there are now multiple ways for you to promote your self-storage business. The most obvious would be to build a website where you can offer information about your company, products, services, and prices. However, the success of your website depends on its search engine page rank. To be ranked high, you need to augment the website content or promote the site. How do you promote your website and business online? The best and the cheapest way would be to do it through blogs. Blogs cost next to nothing (some blog hosting sites even offer the facility for no charge). Regular blogging is one way of adding fresh content to your website (if the blog is hosted on your domain). New content attracts search engines, and the more regular your blogging habits, the better your page rank. Starting Out Before You Begin Writing Blogs, You Need To Think About The Following: * Target audience – As the owner of a self-storage business, you have to write keeping in mind potential vendors and customers. You also need to address the industry because this will help you build a network. * Who writes – Not everyone is born with good writing skills. No matter how good you might be at managing your self storage facility, you may not be cut out for writing. Many managers do not have the time to update their blogs. It would be a good idea to find a professional writer to add content to your blogs on a daily or weekly basis. * Design and domain name – The name and URL of your blog is important. It affects the recall value of your online brand. The titles of the blogs and domain name need not be the same. In general, avoid long domain names or names with too many special characters. Capital letters and hyphens can be used only if the name looks odd without them, e.g., .RE-StoreFacility… Design is an important element. Dont use loud graphics, and limit the use of Flash. Keep the design professional and dont crowd every kind of information on a single page. Moving Ahead * SEO – SEO requires some amount of technical knowledge. If you dont know anything about HTML coding, directory submission, keyword optimization, you might need to hire SEO experts. * Link building – Reciprocal links with relevant sites with high page rank can boost your page rank as well. Leave .ments on other blogs and tagged news sites to get more traffic. * Allow people to .ment and chat with you through blogs. Blogs require some amount of online fame – or notoriety – to move up the search engine ranking ladder. Interactive features can help you build a network and you can use the ".ment control" setting for ensuring that your blog remains clean and spam free. Use these simple steps to create and enhance the features of your self storage blogs. Good luck! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: