Hunan’s largest electricity supplier fairs poverty alleviation activities will be held at Tongcheng www.8008205555

Hunan’s largest electricity supplier in the Tongcheng Lushan poverty alleviation exhibition held before October, before the second and the passion of the Changsha, it has fallen leaves Xiao Xiao, the wind rustle, at the foot of the Yuelu Tongcheng Lushan commercial plaza was bustling, it seems there would have been a big deal. Indeed, on October 15th -17, a "1017 national poverty, from the poverty-stricken areas, and love together" in Hunan on the national poverty alleviation poverty alleviation business specialty area exhibition, will be held in Tongcheng Lushan Commercial Plaza, covers an area of 1000 square meters of the event will be set in merchandise sales area and online experience area, then we will face from 8000 poor villages in 51 poor counties of Hunan, tea, honey, bacon and other cereals, Dried tofu nearly 500 kinds of pure natural quality of agricultural products, but also through the experience of the site a touch screen and a two-dimensional code scan code to the wall, Hunan online shopping festival website business the main channel entrance area poverty alleviation, showing 51 impoverished counties our province characteristics of commodities in Hunan province through the mouse is placed on the map area dynamic, and can link to jump to the major electricity supplier platform, allowing users to easily search and understand the various specialties and Single operation, so that urban residents really enjoy a combination of online and offline, rural cities seamless butt of fresh feast. The Commerce Department of Hunan Province, Hunan Province Poverty Alleviation Office organized Changsha Tongcheng Agel Ecommerce Ltd to undertake, with the assistance of the Hunan electricity providers of public service platform, Changsha E-Commerce Association, Hunan Huaqiang, Hunan grain and oil companies only China Electronic Commerce, Jiang Hua Yao Autonomous County Feng grain oil food company, Lianyuan delicacy, Liuyang River agricultural industry group, picky eaters the princess, agricultural e-commerce, online supply and marketing cooperatives, Chi Meixin beekeeping cooperatives Hunan hundreds of enterprise business platform and Chuangyan shares, Hong Kai network, passing the information, only Hong Kong fashion, Yu Xin advertising, sina Hunan, Hunan network and dozens of business services enterprises to jointly participate in the activities of Hunan Online Shopping Festival and the poverty alleviation work together, is the Hunan provincial government departments and commercial enterprises in response to the national call for accurate poverty, poverty alleviation and the home run electricity supplier After the specialty area, carried out on a larger scale, the Internet electricity supplier + poverty, cross-border attempt, it is learned that such a large scale in the history of poverty alleviation work in Hunan is the first time. Teach a man to fish as delegate to fish, to get rid of poverty can not only rely on "blood transfusion", "blood" to let the poor counties to eventually eliminate poverty, the unique and fresh agricultural products are guaranteed as the breakthrough point, take the Internet fast lane, hit through the display, sales and logistics, construction a specialty from rural areas through Easy Access City, let more fully meet the standards of green, ecological agricultural products into the city, go on the table, has become "the first step, the blood can not only meet the demand of high quality food city, can also help the poor residents get rid of poverty a step, realize urban and rural" win-win".相关的主题文章: