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I! Please! Tired! On! Learn! Sohu Magic Elephant Books The – mother want to know more about this "magic like children’s Book Museum": mofaxiang01 if you ask my baby the most memorable time is where? The elephant answer is of course in school. In school, we have the youth, where our teachers and classmates like bickering, and slapstick, love people, hate hate small bad guy. Always imagine a variety of "revenge" picture, sometimes they are afraid. Youth time is too beautiful, but also people aftertaste. After work, has been all kinds of things hurry to go, no time to imagine those seemingly boring picture, no time like the love of the students, no time for the naughty small enemy. Some just keep moving forward. In school, I hate to go to school, after school, I fell in love with it. Once there was a little girl named Ona · Brown; she doesn’t want to go to school the school wanted to burn I asked Ona why her face went red school cap wangdishangyi throw Ona angrily said my teacher is a toad! I was in a dirty, dirty hole! Canteen aunt made us eat meal worms or rabbit poo or coal group class is not very funny? She must learn to read! "No, no," she said quickly. They just keep torturing us until everyone is bleeding! They are happy to put us out of the window lost and even forced us to go if you speak in class they will cut off his head has been impatient and angry no wonder Fiona and do not want to go to school there is no good friends in the glass? "Really not!" Ona is not a liar who raise a hue and cry "villain I say are pirates bad school sports meeting that afternoon she flies by an evil witch and she was transported in the game to lose egg spoon in a complete mess last semester to a monster in her work the doodle all do not believe in Ona if the principal will soon be mad! Yes, Ona hated school, and year after year, year after year, on the day of graduation, tears filled her face. "What’s wrong with you, Ona?" I said, "I don’t have to go to school anymore." Suddenly, Ona began to cry. Guess what Ona said? Why did she cry? After reading the whole book, the elephant has a resonance, in school period, who will Tucao over their teachers and their classmates. Canteen meals, sports games naughty boys. But in the end, really want to leave, but still can not help but shed tears, will miss the teacher to teach you, every day to meet the students, pull your hair troublemaker, because the time to close your distance. Today, the "I hate school" to the school crazy Tucao, tearful smile in parting you. I hate school award相关的主题文章: