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I was hungry, work clothes, and she took the most important in life science and technology Sohu Photos – "La La La de Marcia, married!" This is Chongqing Qijiang hungry a circle of friends that take little brother left yong. In September 23rd, he and his wife in the Qijiang District Civil Affairs Bureau registered marriage. Careful buddy will find that he is dressed in overalls and hungry wife take wedding photos, "hummingbird chest distribution" 4 words clearly visible, participate in the two new life in the most sacred moment. Why would Zuo Yong be dressed up in his work clothes? What does his wife think? He is hungry what kind of story? Small hungry soon linked to the left Yong, and he talked about this wedding photo behind the warm story. The hungry little hummingbird rider Zuo Yong hungry: (????)?? Hi, first I wish you a happy wedding! Zuo Yong: Thank you! Small hungry: first to gossip about this wedding photo, then how do you think you want to wear the clothes you work with his wife? Zuo Yong: actually, I was going to get married on September 10th, the day is the weekend, the Civil Affairs Bureau did not open the door, and later moved to the 23 day. On the same day in my room, has been sent to the afternoon is free time, his wife came to me, we worry about the Civil Affairs Bureau to work directly to the registration. Small hungry: then you go to the Civil Affairs Bureau have been recognized as hungry go by? Zuo Yong: Yes, the Civil Affairs Bureau also asked me if I would like to take a change of clothes to take pictures, I told him not to change the direct shoot. First, the registration of marriage, the evening peak is coming, I hurried home to change clothes really inconvenient; two, I feel hungry clothes are also very handsome, I like this job, wearing a film is also a memorial. Little hungry: what did your wife say? Zuo Yong: she doesn’t have any idea! The left Yong and his wife married as small: hungry and hungry to tell me your story, how old are you? When did you get hungry? Zuo Yong: I am 22 years old this year, in August this year to see the hungry in the online recruitment, think cycling room should be quite interesting, come. Small hungry: so you just joined not long, feel this job tired? Left Yong: it is very hard, I think what work is very tired, but we must use a serious attitude to finish it. The value of our company is "passion, extreme, innovation", I particularly agree with, I work out the passion of 100 percent, to do the work to the extreme. Little hungry: praise! Do you go by the wife to support? Zuo Yong: in fact, she began to not support, because before my room fell once, she felt that this work not only hard but also dangerous. But the registration day, she saw me shooting wedding photos are wearing overalls, also feel I love this job, also slowly changed his attitude, and now she came to support me, I will always remind Caution. Small hungry: Yes, Caution! Room must obey the traffic rules. You now work for more than two months, the room out of what? Zuo Yong: the Chongqing mountainous area, uphill and downhill, I ride electric start!相关的主题文章: