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Ibrahimovic: we are all mad Zanmu handsome Ever-victorious general go where the Sohu won sports   Ibrahimovic praised Mu Shuai this weekend, the Premier League to start the fourth round of the competition, is the focus of the war on the Manchester derby at Old Trafford, when many players and the early experience of independent Manchester City ushered in the war of the coach. Due to Guardiola, Mourinho and the presence of the presence of the city, making the value of the city of Derby surge, regardless of the venue or off the sidelines. The current war, United striker Ibrahimovic said in an interview that he and Mourinho, the Portuguese are very similar, Ever-victorious general success, effort, can be said to go to win which model. "Before I knew Mourinho, I knew what he wanted and what he wanted. He is a winner, I also, I make every effort to win, we through the very same. He won, and I won. We win when we are young, we are old, we are still winning." Ibrahimovic said in an interview, "Mourinho every place, can win, in Oporto, he won the Champions League, at that time no one expected. He made a lot of success in a short time. So, for Mourinho, you and the club must be patient. He and everyone to communicate very directly, he does not talk behind your back, if you are not good enough, then he will tell you to your face." "Mourinho did everything to make sure he won. Like me, I will never fail." Ibrahimovic accepted an interview with BBC, said. This summer, Ibrahimovic and Mourinho came to Old Trafford, the new season two good cooperation, three Premier League games and a United Community Shield, seizing four game winning streak, Mourinho became head coach of the Red Devils in the history of the first four games are won, Ibrahimovic scored 3 goals in 4 games. (little care)相关的主题文章: