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In charge of the defense of Taiwan Facebook summit "provoke discontent cabinet list – Taiwan channel: original title:" the director of the defense of Taiwan summit of Facebook provoke discontent cabinet top Taiwan Defense Department Feng Shikuan. (source: Taiwan’s "United Daily News") China Taiwan network August 25th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the KMT Legislative Yuan 25 announced a "cabinet" is not satisfied with the investigation report, according to Facebook (Facebook) the total number of "members" anger Qiao, listed 5 the cabinet is the most incompetent for the downfall of the fifth, ranked first in order to "defense minister" Feng Shikuan, "Chen Dan, Minister of transportation", "Wei Fu minister" Lin Zouyan, the Executive Yuan spokesman Tong Zhenyuan, Foreign Minister Li dawei. According to reports, the KMT Legislative Yuan pointed out that topped the list of "defense minister" Feng Shikuan, the controversial incident very much, the total number of Facebook was angry Qiao up to 227 thousand and 831 times, average 3.33 times. The most dissatisfied issues for male three missiles misfired, accounted for the most dissatisfaction policy 53.20%. The other face of friends dissatisfaction issues also include officers and dog abuse, Minister apology "," Taiping island protection board pledge right, but his commitment to destroy "," wild shells carrying Taiping Island, the leak and slip of the tongue "," event launched, "Ministry of national defense" playing minister slap "etc.. (Chinese Taiwan network (Lu Jiajing) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: