Invincible not lonely 37 snow Eagle lords cross service 1v1 battle incoming 工号9527为您服务�����

Not lonely "snow Eagle 37 invincible lords" cross clothing 1V1 battle struck the king not lonely, dark horse dream since fenti. Ye Gucheng said: "if I fail, please take my sword, my sword is your sword!" Ximen Chuixue said: "if I fall, also please take care of my sword, and the sword from the body!" A real opponent, matched, Freemasonry. As this session of the Olympic Games in Rio, Lin Dan lost he wanted to defeat, Li Zongwei won he wants to win, in the arena of the meeting of wind and clouds, we see a terrain of strategic importance, the dark horse of the counter attack, also feel master Guozhao stimulation! 37 "snow Eagle lords" official website: Invincible is a lonely [ready: four] 37 Gu sword heart dazed "snow Eagle lords" cross clothing 1V1 fiery strikes, 21:30-22:30 every day, game player can enter the inter service arena. Others show muscle, you can show the wallet, this show equipment, show title, the service of the world has been filled with a brilliant record, as a dominant party, inevitably "sword four Gu heart dazed, like rivers and lakes in the duguqiubai, feel invincible" is also a kind of loneliness". Cross service 1V1 debut, bring you a sporting surprise, you do not have to spend a lifetime of effort to find opponents, the system will automatically match the strength of the players for you. Inter service arena: [thirty thousand] 37 began to rise directly to a high position "snow Eagle lords" inter service 1V1 is according to the season, each season this week from Monday to Saturday of the second week, Sunday for the offseason, the new season will open out all charts and Dan grade. Each game player initial Dan grade 20 0 stars, each battle victory can be obtained after the Star Awards, stars can be upgraded up to 1. However, the failure of the battle will also be a corresponding decline in star degradation. In addition, the top ranking will also enter the 1 stars after the victory, entered the list after the Ranking Ranking way. The opponent, the season ended: [in 37] for tyrannical World Heroes "snow Eagle lords" inter service 1V1, game player can participate in the 20 day inter service competition, each victory or failure can obtain different meritorious service awards, 0 every day will be refreshed according to dan. Beyond the king, the classic 37 counter attack, "snow Eagle" dark horse lords give a reward, is not inferior to the king of praise. In addition, inter service challengers chasing, invincible overlord is no longer lonely, the competitive onslaught never empty, one after the end of the season, but also according to the game player Dan grades and rankings reward again. Meritorious store rankings reward "snow Eagle" Lord of the 37 games the new blockbuster launched a world fantasy ARPG web games, I eat tomatoes according to the same name popular Internet novel, and won the only genuine authorization I eat tomatoes. The game is highly faithful to the original, to show the full range of East Boxue eagle from parents to go into the captured gun to save the Cheyenne legend extraordinary and so on a series of game player, able to experience the authentic fiction story. The meaning of the game to create fusion, coercion, magic realm is the spirit and blood awakening, extraordinary life and death battle, war and other cross-border fiend.相关的主题文章: