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The Japanese economy is facing a "hidden bomb" is not solved the disaster – Sohu Finance Ministry of internal affairs in August 30th released data show that in July Japan’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell to 3%, down from 3.1% in June and had expected. Japan’s unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1995. The Japanese Ministry of internal affairs pointed out that to improve the unemployment rate, this is mainly because of the reduction in population and economic slow recovery situation, enterprises increasingly feel the shortage, recruitment number continued to increase, thus promoting the increase in the number of new jobs. However, the problem is that, in addition to the unemployment rate of this data in the "improvement", the other data in Japan is simply called disaster". Wage increases slowly tighten the purse to live according to Bloomberg, the Japanese government in August 15th released data show that Japan’s second quarter real gross domestic product (GDP) growth of only 0.05%, increased at an annual rate of 0.2%, the increase was lower than expected? Weak economic data has long been criticized for "Andouble Economics" again question? Although this data is still maintained positive growth, but it means that the efficacy of Japanese negative interest rates this medicine has began to disperse, also let the Japanese economic growth in the second half of the more whirling direction. To make matters worse, the Bank of Japan data released in August 30th showed that in July Japan’s household spending fell 0.5% (forecast to decline by 1.5%), is the second consecutive month of decline. Retail data, July retail sales fell 0.2% over the same period last year. Although the Japanese labor market is still tight, the yen started to rise from the beginning of this year, a great blow to the domestic export enterprises is also reduced willingness to invest. At a meeting to be held in September, the Bank of Japan will have to consider more monetary stimulus. "Overall, Japan’s wage growth is slow, consumer spending is still very tired," said Yoshiki Shinke, economist at, a Research Institute for life economics in japan. Most families are tightening their purse in a day!" Unemployment figures are down? Just looks beautiful Zero Hedge according to foreign media reports, according to the conventional theory of economics, when Japan’s unemployment rate is reduced to below the average level of the country, the "hard" with the country should see is household spending rise and vibrant economy growth. However, the reality of Japan is not the case. In fact, Japan’s unemployment rate fell in July, just look beautiful. The reality is that Japan is facing many industries including manufacturing, shrinking, there has been a growing number of Japanese aged men joined the Japanese long-term unemployment in the ranks, they either do not have the ability to deal with the change of domestic industry, or is "too lazy", not willing to take the initiative to adapt to changes in the labor market the. This chart from the Bureau of statistics data released in Japan since 1990s, Japan’s economic bubble burst, Japan 25-44 year old age male unemployment has soared 5 times in June this year, the!相关的主题文章: