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Coaching Having excellent social skills is extremely important in todays competitive world and there are many men out there who struggle with their efforts when in company of others. For men who want to be successful and well liked in all social setting, getting motivational coaching and expert help can work wonders. Jonathan Sankey is a motivational speaker and behavioral coach and he has spent years studying the mechanisms of human interaction. Through his studies and research, he has distilled his learning into four core principles that can help men in any social situation. Jonathan Sankey believes that his four core principles cannot be used as steps or methods, but these can be four additions to a mans personality. Men can recall these four principles anytime and use these in any social setting to converse and interact with people, ultimately impressing them. Jonathan Sankey also provides seminars, boot camps and online talks where he discusses how men can learn to be confident in their social mannerisms. His online course has over 400 techniques that act as examples to show how his four principles work in real life. Australia born, Jonathan Sankey is a trained lawyer and he also has a business degree for consultation on business strategy and change. Jonathan Sankey believes that complicated social problems faced by men have really simple solutions and by proper practice and knowledge men can master any social situation with ease. He has done extensive tests and filmed examples of social interactions where men have excelled in making contact and behaving confidently without any hesitation or embarrassment. Along with being a motivational coach, Jonathan Sankey is also a content provider and a publisher. He is also making forays into the corporate training world to train businessmen on how to create a favorable public image and cultivate personality as a successful businessman. Find out more about Jonathan Sankey at .jonathansankey.. . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: