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Web-Development Joomla is the most popular Content Management System. Its open source and is used by one and all individuals, small businesses or large enterprises. A large number of Websites and web applications today are built with Joomla. A content management system helps you keep a track of the content on your website, whether it is simple text or your list of products for your website or images or videos anything that goes on your website. Joomla is truly a boon to those who wish to update content on their website without having to learn any programming language or any technical skills. Joomla is used in a wide range of websites its flexibility and scalability enables a Joomla developer to develop corporate websites, intranets, online magazines, news papers, e-.merce websites, government applications, small business websites, .munity based portals and even personal pages. The good thing about Joomla is, that you need not be a Joomla developer to install and use it. Well, if you do require extra features, you can very easily customize Joomla it provides extensibility and flexibility. For those who worry about Joomla being open source and the support it will provide in the future, – worry not. Joomla has a very strong .munity support and is growing by the day, with over 200,000 .munity users and contributors; Joomla has a very promising future. Joomla is a developers favorite for various reasons. Joomla developers can easily build and customize Inventory control systems, Data reporting tools, Product catalogs and much more. Joomla is based on PHP and uses MySQL as the database. With a strong foundation, this helps developers to build powerful web applications. We at Open Source Web Development India are a web development .pany and provide our services in the field of Joomla Development and create web applications of high quality with the latest technology. Customization via Joomla .ponent development and Joomla module development is our specialty. Our team of highly proficient programmers analyzes customer requirements and converts them into highly creative and technically sound products. With Joomla providing a strong technological platform we are confident that our end products and applications are flawless and of a quality that does not require fixing and re-fixing. The applications once developed undergo thorough testing and simulated implementation to ensure flawless operation at customer site. Our services at Open Source Web development India are customer centric and encourage interaction amongst customers and developers. Our Joomla Development Team is highly professional and maintains .munication with customers at every stage of the project, providing updates , taking feedback and working on it. We also have as Customer support with the best turnaround times. Customers with specific and critical requirements can hire a dedicated programmer to work on their projects. This can be done on monthly weekly or hourly basis. So, with all the adequate resources at hand, we at Open Source Web Development India stride with a confidant step to provide customers with the best services and offer the best prices in the market for our services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: