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Know, settled hundreds of Baidu encyclopedia, content of ecological layout to accelerate the floor — Sohu technology when the content platform is still the number of media resources dispute over time, 100 again released a heavy message: after Baidu alliance and 100, open, Baidu know, Baidu developed the Baidu encyclopedia more than and 10 years of knowledge precipitation products as content producers in 100, has become an important content production agency 100 no.. Hundreds of Baidu as a key layout in the content of the ecology, is accelerating the opening up of all aspects of the key elements of Baidu’s content, for the entire content of Baidu ecological release potential. This is one of the hundreds of other platforms with a very different: it is the starting point of the entire content of Baidu ecology, including Baidu has developed more than and 10 years of products, technologies and realizable resources. This will make the number one more distinctive. Knowledge of the contents of users demand since the media as a content producer for each platform undoubtedly contributed a lot of quality content to solve the fragmentation of the user’s needs, but a healthy content obviously should be diverse and abundant, especially the long tail needs of users, need more targeted supplements. The content of supply model of quality is not entirely certain of what love is recommended to users based on what, but for the content, value, or the content of the production will be fully into the "kill time" goal oriented. The content of the era of the platform is keen to create the effect of the eye, while ignoring the quality of the content of the production, in the short term attracted a lot of attention, but it is difficult to precipitate the user down. Baidu, Wikipedia, knowledge of system access to hundreds of products, no doubt added the 100 number and the flow of information and high quality content, and solve the media platform from lack of knowledge content, the problem of poor quality in a certain extent. The data also confirmed this, Baidu encyclopedia settled hundreds of numbers, released a total of more than 4 thousand and 500 high-quality articles, the cumulative amount of reading up to 1 million 580 thousand, becoming one of the highest quality content sources. From this point of view, Baidu over the past ten years precipitated the country’s largest knowledge platform, will help to optimize the content of Baidu’s information flow system, and even enhance the use of Baidu products sticky. To know, Wikipedia, Post Bar, library knowledge platform, after access to hundreds of No. there is conducive to the existing content and activation of precipitation is fully open, and through 100 issued re release of this kind of product quality content potential, promote user growth and activity. Similarly, the quality of the contents of the hundred will also enter the Baidu’s knowledge system, to further enrich the knowledge of the product content, and thus form a virtuous cycle of content. The ecological advantages to accelerate the transfer of high-quality content from the background, the author reflects 100, traffic revenue obviously than other platform is much higher, said directly is obviously advertisers more recognized the value of 100 number, but the deeper reason is the ecological behind 100, have stronger ability of hematopoietic. Almost all of the content platform are considering how to solve the problem of the profitability of the content producers, both today’s headlines advertising into, but also a little information on the income subsidies. However, compared with these competitors, one hundred.相关的主题文章: