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UnCategorized Paid Surveys are a hugely popular means to earning a few extra bucks on the side. But how do you get paid for surveys? Well the first step is to get invited into a survey or focus group. Focus groups are a group of people who are invited to take part in a short session to discuss whatever topic is being talked about and they generally pay better than paid surveys. So if you want to get paid for surveys, you have to first find out a way to be invited to take part ahead of all the other applicants. So what can I do to ensure i get invited in so i can start to get paid for surveys? Free Paid Survey directories The first option you could take to get paid for surveys, would be searching for all the best free paid surveys listings on the internet. Just do what everyone else does and search on Google or yahoo for "free paid surveys". This should bring up a fair few results and it should take you sometime to apply to each one of these sites. Generally the sites that you find, will already be flooded with applicants, however you want to give yourself a chance to take part in as many paid surveys as possible, so make sure you do this first. Join a Paid Survey Directory If you want to give yourself the best chance to get paid for surveys, than joining as a member at one of the many paid survey directories on the internet will do this for you. When you be.e a member at one of these sites, you will be revealed to a myriad of potential paid survey providers, depending on the amount of listings in their database. Make sure you first check to see the size of their listing before you join up. These sites also provide information on each of their listings and also rank each site from the best to the worst paid survey site. They are generally quite cheap to join and you are more than likely going to make the cost of your membership up within the first week anyway. The question you have to ask yourself is "do I want to start to get paid for surveys right now?" because if you do than joining one of these sites is going to give you the best opportunity to do so, as well as save you a great deal of time in the process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: