Li Hejun former richest man to become a great company for short hina has no suspense

Li Hejun: Thank you for short before the richest man hina to become a great company and there is no doubt that Li Hejun Li Hejun’s appearance rate high. Although Hong Kong listed companies hina film power generation (00566.HK) the resumption of trading prospects remain uncertain, but several public statements Li Hejun recently, no passion, to introduce Chinese success experience, did not see before the encounter in the capital market setbacks. In the 22 anniversary of the September 29th hanergy holding group was established to celebrate the Secretary Memorial, as chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer Li Hejun, thanks again for short, "is that it makes the listed company itself, take on an altogether new aspect!" He will also last 520 hina stock price plummeted since the events of experience compared to the Long March, "at this stage of the Chinese, like the red army arrived in Yanan, everything will enter a new era!". "I believe that the Chinese can become a great company has no suspense, just a matter of time. For the past is over, and the future is before us." Li Hejun said. According to the site of the hina group’s official website released the photo, Li Hejun on this day again, wearing a gray Plaid suit and yellow tie, according to the surging news () observation, which is the common important occasions of collocation. The scene of his speech "not what can stop the pace of chinese! "Nearly 7400 words, a total of 67 exclamation points — which is consistent with the overall impression of its employees, partners and Chinese media on Li Hejun’s speaking style, provocative and highly infectious. In the Hong Kong stock market, hina film power was a "myth", the stock had surged in 1800% years, the Hong Kong stock exchange from an unknown to the public of the small cap stocks, has become less than twitter and Tesla industry giants. In 2014, hina film power achieved operating income of HK $9 billion 600 million, a year-on-year increase of 193%. The HK $5 billion 958 million from the manufacturing division to the major shareholder of Associated company and hanergy holding sales. In the net, then hina film power recorded a total net profit of HK $3 billion 308 million, a year-on-year increase of 64%. May 20, 2015 is the Chinese and the actual controller Li Hejun at the day. Just half an hour, the world’s largest photovoltaic enterprise hina film power price, emergent cliff downwards, diving nearly 47% market value evaporated on billion yuan, about 90000000000 yuan worth of Li Hejun himself evaporate. On the same day at 10:40, Hienergy emergency suspension. After the crash, hina film power by the Hongkong SFC forced the suspension and investigation, has yet to resume trading. Last year our celebration speech closely around the stock price plummeted, and answers to the doubts of related party transactions to reflect on their own mistakes, Li Hejun in a speech in September 29th did not mention the listed company’s resumption of progress, capital chain situation outside of most concern, much in advance the hina thin film technology and business transformation success. He said, Chinese new target set for yourself, by 2020 to become one of the most outstanding business Chinese company. Li Hejun said, since entering the field of hina film power, has continued to invest billions of dollars, will be a new industry to do it. "]相关的主题文章: