Li Zhinan, a eighteen year old sky, returns to the campus and is not recognized pr011.msi

"Eighteen year old sky" Jinsha Li Zhinan to return to the campus, now not recognize it, in fact is not good, is a bit awkward too burst apple muscle. The jaw is gone, the chin is getting longer. Although white, but it did not feature, there is no kind of gentle nature. The corner of the eye is too open, and the mouth is too full! Double eyelid or good-looking, more than before god. In fact, the mouth not so kichiku is good, you can see the side of micro bow or looks fresh and sweet ah, look, in addition to the face in a way to float, the girl also has a lot of thunder. For example, small fans boast themselves, good points! This seems to be a lot of stars do 233~ also dark poke said Ma Tianyu did not own handsome… Little Ming elder brother! Forget to switch the trumpet!!! It’s embarrassing ah my sister… Another example of aesthetic and clothing Q, a fashion week is simply "shine bright blind people! Jin Qiaoqiao and the Kim sisters directly to Cannes as a township show ah. Oh, anyway, although occasionally a silicone blush, did not recognize, but not for disabled, some places slightly back, or looks after all miss Jin Sha Da ~ just then like this… The words before the eighteen year old said "sky" to shoot the TV version 2, the creative three, now no news. Oh baby. The ancient Yue Tao or the ancient Yue Tao, some traces of the years, but Lan Feilin is not so Lan Feilin. The star face is also narrowed, a little less eversion of the alar turn, also quietly Yamane high point oh ~ how to say "eighteen year old sky" this drama was still very good campus drama. At that time, if not the stone Yanfeng delicate temperament is handsome, but the hearts of many girls become fashionable for a time, prince charming! Cool wild grass love silent serious Oh ~ Momo, sweet campus Belle, and Yue Tao Pei Pei and the teacher is also very adorable ah ~ good side here is very much. For example, Lan Feilin’s sweet Hin bestie. Stay in the campus Belle "Lan Feilin" side, "Tian Xin" some beautiful toignore, face facial features is very good-looking, sweet and fresh. Ah, the mouth is a little strange roar?相关的主题文章: