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In Apple Watch 2 for at least three weeks before the delivery delay – Sohu digital     Apple  Watch  apple; after 2 hours of pre start on the official website, most of the 38 mm and 42 mm type delivery date has been extended to 2-3 weeks. Apple  Watch  2 Nike+ models, is expected to ship in late October, while the new version of the 42 mm ceramic delivery date extended to 5-7 weeks. However, Apple  Watch  1 generation can be shipped on September 16th.         best buy website, seem to still be on that day in September 16th to the Buyers within the United States ship models of Apple  Watch  2, including aluminum and stainless steel type, best buy does not seem to sell ceramic version.         for those who do not want to spend time in the pre order customers, they can be released on September 16th on the same day, go to the apple retail stores and authorized retailers such as best buy stores which buy apple Apple  Watch  2, but the number is limited, first come first served.         eye to country line,   according to Apple China’s official website shows, Apple  Watch  2 most models of delivery time in 3-5 weeks.       Apple  Watch  2 built-in GPS, waterproof function of up to 50 meters, using a faster S2 dual core processor, display brightness than the 1 generation of light two times. Apple Apple  Watch  2 will be preloaded watchOS  3 operating system.相关的主题文章: