Ma 琍 how much love flops ah, even ten times out of nine times in! (video) jodie foster

Ma Yili, how much love flops ah, even ten times out of nine times in! To be honest, small or admire Ma Yili, a short hair handsome sharp, entertainment can no longer find second of her money, with love to see her in the most handsome ~ jumpsuits, simply don’t have an aura! Recently, Ma Yili was taken to the airport, some people eat melon, Elmar, wearing this super handsome one-piece pants, wearing sunglasses, simply do not look too handsome! Into the mirror of a mass, this comparison out of gas field, it is not just Ma Yili’s words about…… wearing flip flops,? In this case, the pants have been reduced to a lot of handsome ~ ~ Ma Yili is really with the ah, what comfortable wear what temperament, in the entertainment industry seems to be no one comparable, and said to have been handsome down? Zhang Tianai: I like Yang Yang is taking a loudspeaker to say with Ma Yili, oh, this really is not the first time, I remember not long ago, Ma Yili visit the scene, not to say that there are many dazzling aunt hair ~ don’t say this vest shorts in the crowd lit a few stars. This is a pair of flip flops are enough we eat melons for a long time people admire. What is the name of a face? Probably "Ma Yili" is enough to explain the three words! You also say, love Ma Yili on the flip flops, almost to death in his situation. Not only to go to the airport by plane, lightweight, comfortable to wear, her brother went to look at her micro-blog, a lot of occasions, she is a pair of words dragging feet. For example, to accompany her daughter to go out and play, the brisk pace… Looking down, when the flip flops ha ha ha laugh urine to travel to wear to go shopping, wear and wear to pick up her daughter, is still wearing clothes, did not mean to stop it with friends again, happy about, of course, herringbone drag or less even in 2015, when Ma Yili took his daughter back to Jiangsu to visit relatives, and the family photo is a pair of flip flops call was contrast entertainment actress who go all dressed up, a pair of flip flops around the world of Ma Yili, the wayward and free, almost no one can be the enemy. To tell the truth, even if you don’t see flip flops, Ma Yili actually have always been a great personality, just want to live comfortably, not too much bother to eat melon and the masses, so she exposed daily photos, mostly dressed entirely their own whims, comfortable. Sometimes I always love to go out there is a cigarette, a small photo of the black remember. Well, talk to, brother remember the news that her makeup Minran heard these words, brother also ha… This makeup is not good where… Where passers-by… And, as long as Ma Yili dress carefully, the color value is clearly a minute rolling circle a big ticket a good actress? Well, this is a gossip too much of the world, brother believe that if you love the flip flops Ma Yili continue with it, there will still be continuously out of the black material. But what about that? People can only be idlers, all live as long as Ma Yili is happy.相关的主题文章: