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"Mail door" to make FBI trapped in the government accused of concealing the fact that the impact of the general election – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in the United States, Ding Lei] the FBI (FBI), the Secretary alleged to conceal the truth affect the election? In October 28th, FBI suddenly announced that the Secretary Komi to restart the investigation against Hilary "mail" incident, Public opinion is seething with indignation. In October 31st, several U.S. media exposure, FBI already have "mail door" of "new evidence", but the agency alleged high-level "from without, delay time, Secretary Komi to blame. Democrats even suspected of illegal komi. The media that close to election day by the misfortune that has affected Hilary’s support rate, the election more whirling. CNN said on October 31st, Hilary mail event sequel can be counted as a law enforcement investigation into another case of unexpected harvest". This summer, Hilary assistant Aberdeen husband Weiner into the sex scandal, FBI technical staff, in which a computer found in email communication in Aberdeen. The findings trigger new legal issues: FBI’s investigation is limited to "pornographic information" case to see the contents of the Aberdeen mail beyond the scope of the investigation. These messages are associated with similar closed "mail" incident, some mail content confidential, they need access to the Justice Department issued a new warrant. According to sources, some of the content of the mail may be just a copy of the previous survey, but the number is unknown. After that, the discovery was reported by layers, including deputy director McCabe, including a number of FBI officials have been informed of the matter, the Secretary Comi received a report in mid October. Chicago Tribune, said the secretary failed to get a report at the first time, because the time required to improve the relevant assessment subordinates. Insiders, Weiner reached 650 thousand case involving the mail letter, which is a significant part of the communication of Aberdeen and Hilary’s wife. Many of the media doubt, Komi on the newly discovered "to delay" too, it seems special until near election day just throw this blockbuster". Komi has recently been the media and politicians took turns shelling". In October 30th, Democratic Senator Harry Reed accused of violating U.S. Komi? "Hart act", to influence the federal government identity of senior public officials election. Reuters said in October 31st, FBI has been a new warrant, in order to find out the new message is the same before closing the door on mail ". Public opinion, FBI’s latest survey is bound to make the negative impact of the mail door event will be accompanied by Hilary into the 8 election day, and even into the white house.相关的主题文章: