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Manning 13 years later, the hands of this scene, the fans ran a rare video tears! NFL legend Payton Manning hands to teach football to play football in the United States and Shanghai, and sports meet in Tencent, "Manning came, and he must see the side of Yao Ming, Manning!" There is nothing more enjoyable than meeting an old friend in a foreign land, thousands of miles away. Then, in September 25th, Yao Ming in his hometown of Shanghai and the legendary NFL star Payton – Manning met. 13 years ago, according to the old photos of the friendship between the people of the country should also be traced back to 2003, when just entered the NBA Yao Ming and together to shoot the Gatorade brand TV advertising. During the shooting, two people are playing football at the age of 23 Yao Ming smug, but for "football in high and vigorous spirits, little giant" some do, several times the ball is not ideal. Manning and Yao Ming rushed forward to than a hand, and by judging his palm sized ball holding positions and techniques, further investment to teach football skill. 13 years after the "poly hand", 13 years after Manning and Yao Ming became a legend in their field, Payton Manning China for Shanghai fans forum, Manning and Yao Ming again "poly hand", the passage of time, two per capita to become their field legend, Manning won second super bowls at the beginning of this year. Covered with honor and record and Yao Ming to retire after winning merit, this month to become a member of the NBA Hall of fame. Two people are very happy to talk about, Yao Ming as host to introduce China to Manning, he said: Shanghai is a modern metropolis, there are many foreigners living here to work. Beijing is more traditional, has a long history and historical sites." Two retired generals also talked about life after retirement, Manning said he is the first to do some had no chance to do things, such as look at the Broncos and brother Eli Manning of the game, Yao Ming smiled and said: "I still have to finish school." A legend "poly hand", although Manning did not understand the China culture, but Yao Ming was "hero cherish hero" emotions, as NFL China ambassador, Manning invited Yao Ming to his hometown of Houston in 2017 second to watch the 51 super bowl, he said: " soon we can meet in Houston’s super bowl on the right?" Yao Ming said, "yes, I’m looking forward to it!"相关的主题文章: