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Meng Fei drove Lu Yu to visit Nanjing, car enough style, not publicity – Sohu car from a printer to a host is now known to every family, from the lift table "to" pillars ", Meng Fei on a dating show for Jiangsu satellite TV" big brother "identity, do not know is Meng Fei made a show or program achievement he. Have been friends said he was wearing a luxury car brand to open a luxury, but Meng Fei said he was wearing clothes to buy online, but also a luxury house was a flat 5700, the opening of the second-hand car assistant. Over the years, Meng Fei has recorded the Lu Yu show, drove with Lu Yu around Nanjing, Meng Fei’s car has now changed into a luxury car. Meng Fei Lu Yu recorded in Nanjing show, open a BMW with Lu Yu to visit Nanjing, wearing sunglasses Meng Fei somewhat trend, midway also hit a car to jump the queue. This car is Meng Fei in February 2015 when the purchase is a BMW 5 series GT models, in Meng Fei’s garage in the car is second sets of luxury cars, he has a Volkswagen Touareg suv. BMW 528GT, which belongs to the 5 door 5 seat hatchback. Meng Fei celebrity circles in Nanjing is a hot figure, to participate in the activities of fashion dinner without a decent car how to do? The car nearly 700 thousand of BMW for Meng Fei is not difficult to afford. Zouxue, endorsements, presided over the now opened shop, although today is very red, but life is very ordinary, go to the market to buy vegetables, pick up the kids from school, Meng Fei is quite satisfactory in car choice, open, not eye-catching in the street, and then open the second-hand Honda has been higher than several grades. Meng Fei is very interested in or a brand of car unlike some actors host, a car that is to be low-key and practical, because there will usually Taiwan car shuttle, plus his car was little, while the car was empty. Often open before BMW is a popular SUV, needless to say, Volkswagen has always been very low-key, do not know a car would think it was about 200000, but Meng Fei the Touareg, the price of around 650 thousand, opened in the street what almost no back rate, accuracy is not high. This car with Q7, cayenne actually belong to the same platform, all aspects of performance are not to say, Meng Fei on the license plate number does not seem to pay attention to what, not even hang nor birthday number, if not see him to wash the car really do not know this car is his, it is naturally.相关的主题文章: