Men’s online play and talk about love airline stewardess buddy buddy pit more than 10000 (video) mide-031

Men’s online play and talk about "love" airline stewardess buddy buddy pit on the network more than 10000 years earlier, there is a saying: you do not know the opposite to chat with you, is a white Formica or "dwarf dwarfish poor". There’s no point in saying that. A few days ago, Zhang, a citizen of Yangzhou, Gaoyou, talked about a vigorous love affair. However, he found that the girl was actually his iron brother Hu, Zhang Qian broke the money, more hurt the heart. At the beginning of this year, Xiao Zhang and his friend Hu went out to work and stayed in a hotel. The evening of two single by open mobile phone QQ, by looking for people in the vicinity to pass the time. Hu used his trumpet to say hello to the nearby people, and found that his friend was also on the line, and added his friend with this trumpet. Hu with his "little rabbit" female trumpet plus Zhang friends, began to just joke. But in July, because of his tight hand, he had a bad idea: he had the idea to use his trumpet to borrow money from his own friends. Xiao Zhang nearly 30 years, is anxious to find the object. So Hu used "rabbit son" this trumpet, singing a "beauty plan", hit Xiao Zhang’s soft underbelly. Hu used this trumpet to talk to his friends, he is a stewardess, Gaoyou people, in Nanjing as a stewardess, in QQ with him is also a kind of fate. For the purpose of Zhang Hu also said, "I know myself" the beauty of Gaoyou, if you have what the development of the later, can help you go. So, Hu one plays two roles in Zhang flicker, it is difficult to extricate themselves, "little rabbit" is everything. The victim wants to pursue her psychological, divided into three times for a total of ten thousand yuan RMB, the reason is to apply the accountant training, rent a house in Nanjing, the last time from the field back to Nanjing, did not have money to buy tickets. Until one day in August, Xiao Zhang on Hu QQ saw a paragraph of text, he realized that he was a good brother to the pit. Originally, Hu himself confused QQ section properties, with my QQ number; however, but with little rabbit tone and talk, chat with the victim. Finally, the court sentenced Hu to criminal detention for 3 months, suspended for six months and fined RMB ten thousand yuan. Extended video: unrelated to the original, 12 year old girl online love was cheated by the man, was violated in the home, lied girl is 17 years old!

男子网上扮空姐和哥们谈“网恋” 坑哥们一万多 关于网络,早些年有句名言:你不知道对面和你聊天的,是“白富美”还是“矮矬穷”。说的不无道理。前些时候,扬州市高邮市民小张就谈了一场轰轰烈烈的网恋。可临了他发现,那姑娘居然是自己的铁哥们胡某,小张破了财,更伤了心。 今年年初,小张与好友胡某出门办事,同住一家宾馆。晚上两个单身汉闲来无事,便打开手机qq,通过寻找“附近的人”来打发时间。胡某利用自己小号向附近人打招呼 ,发现他的朋友也在线上 ,就用这个小号加了他朋友。胡某用自己“小兔儿”的女性小号加小张好友,开始只是开开玩笑。但到了七月份,由于手头紧,他动了坏心思:萌生了这么一个想法 ,利用自己小号, 跟他自己朋友来借钱。小张年近30,正急着找对象。于是胡某利用“小兔儿”这一小号,唱了一出“美人计”,击中了小张的软肋。胡某就利用这个小号跟他朋友讲 ,自己是一名空姐 ,高邮人 ,在南京做空姐 ,在qq上跟他认识也是一种缘分。为达到目的,胡某还对小张称,自己也认识“小兔儿”这个高邮美女,如果你们以后有什么发展的话, 可以帮你们当中牵线。就这样,胡某一人扮演两个角色忽悠,小张身陷其中难以自拔,对“小兔儿”是有求必应。利用被害人想要追求她的心理 ,分了三次索要人民币共计一万元 ,理由是报考会计师培训班,在南京吃住租房子, 最后一次从外地赶回南京 ,没有钱买机票。直到八月的某一天,小张在胡某qq上看到一段文字,他才醒悟,自己是被好兄弟给坑了。原来,胡某自己搞混了qq号段性质,用本人的qq号;但是,却用了小兔儿的语气以及说话方式 ,跟这个被害人聊天。最终,法院以诈骗罪判处胡某拘役3个月,缓刑六个月并处罚金人民币一万元。扩展视频:与原文无关 12岁女孩网恋被男子骗到家中遭侵犯,谎称女孩已经17岁了!相关的主题文章: