More than 7 students hit the teacher in the office 1 minutes to do hands (Figure)-stand by me shinee

More than 7 students hit the teacher in the office 1 minutes (Figure) original title: Sichuan student office beating teachers, as well as students at the door video broke the micro-blog screenshot. Video screenshot. Video screenshot. China Youth Network Beijing 6 October recently, more than micro-blog users broke the news, a college student in Sichuan office beat teacher, and attached to the scene video. Micro-blog showed, "in September 29th, because the teacher does not agree to leave the school ahead of time, 7 students hit the teacher in the classroom, as well as students in the doorway camera. The teacher did not suffer from first to last. After the alarm to the police station, because the batterer was not 16 years old, was taken away by parents, did not apologize. The situation needs to be further verified". Chinese youth network reporter observed that the teachers’ office video gathered at least 5 students, one of the students 1 minutes to at least 1 teachers to 7 times, and acrimony. As of October 6th, the video has been shown 390 thousand times in the lower left corner. In October 6th, China Youth Network reporter contacted the Deyang Education Bureau, which was located at the location of Sichuan commerce and trade school, which was pointed out by micro-blog. A staff member confirmed that it did happen, the Education Bureau has communicated with the school, the specific circumstances she is not clear. In accordance with the number provided by the Education Bureau staff, China Youth Network reporter contacted the Sichuan business school, the other said, wrong, what is the beginning of the school ask again, then hang up.

多名学生办公室内殴打老师 1分钟内动手7次(图)  原标题:四川学生办公室内殴打老师 还有学生在门口摄像  爆料微博截图。  视频截图。  视频截图。  中国青年网北京10月6日电 近日,多名微博网友爆料,四川一高校学生在办公室殴打老师,并附现场视频。微博显示,“9月29日,因老师不同意学生提前离校,7名学生到教室殴打老师,还有学生在门口摄像。老师从头至尾没有还手。报警到派出所后,因打人者未满16岁,被家长带走,没有道歉。相关情况有待进一步核实”。  中国青年网记者观察到,视频中教师办公室聚集了至少5名学生,其中一名学生1分钟内至少对1名教师动手7次,并且恶语相向。截至10月6日,视频左下角显示已播放39万次。  10月6日中国青年网记者联系了爆料微博所指向的四川省商贸学校所在地的德阳市教育局。一位工作人员证实,确实发生了此事,教育局已经和学校沟通,具体情况她不清楚。  按照该教育局工作人员提供的号码,中国青年网记者联系了四川省商贸学校,对方称,打错了,有什么事情开学再问,随即挂断。相关的主题文章: