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Youre in the relationship business and that changes your marketing strategy on how to attract Realtors as clients. Are your marketing messages to Realtors guilty of these promises? – To render great customer service – To close loans on time – To offer the best .petitive rates – To help them make more money – To deliver referrals or free leads – To co-market services – To qualify all buyers through a diversity of programs Guess whatRealtors have heard this before. So much so, that theyve be.e immune to listening. Your message is .peting with other similar messages and getting lost in the noise. If you cant cut through the noise and stand out from .petitors than youre invisible. To stand out, learn their language You dont like hearing static during your favorite song played on the radio, why put real estate agents through that same pain. When youre engaged in conversation with agents talking about closing loans on time, returning calls promptly, keeping clients informed about their loan application thats like static beating on their eardrums. Instead of speaking Swahili, you need to speak their language. If you listened to a professional conversation between two realtors, what would you hear? Theyll talk about listings, sales, .missions, referrals, open houses, marketing, policies that affect them, etc. In other words, theyll talk about real estate, not about mortgages. Why? Because thats their business. To stand out, understand their problems Today, mortgages are a .modity, theres a mortgage guy on every corner. If an agent needs a loan officer, they can step outside their office door and have several choices within a city block. But agents dont want a loan officer – they want someone who can help solve their problems. Reflect back for a moment on the conversation between two agents and youll also hear them bicker about problems they cant solve. Builders are capping my .missions Theres not enough inventory Sellers want me to reduce my .mission rate Im getting contracts on properties the night before the open house Investors are submitting ridiculous and embarrassing offers Theres twice as many realtors farming my area this year My marketing isnt as effective as it used to be My buyers dumped me for another realtor Im averaging only one sale a month I have very little repeat or referral business. I lost my listing to the .petition My open houses produce little traffic and few good leads If you want to stand out, understand their problems and facilitate solutions that solve them. To stand out, describe problems – not solutions With a solution in hand, youre ready to market a powerful message thatll get heard the problem. Agents are more likely to listen if your message describes a problem, instead of the solution. Think about this your message .municates .petency. .petency shows you understand the problem. Your message .municates caring – because many agents dont believe loan officers care about them. Finally, your message .municates potential which stirs an agents curiosity to learn more about your solution. Their curiosity is what will spark their level of interest forward. You realize with more opportunities for one-to-one interactions, the more familiarity and trust can develop. Two key ingredients to successfully attracting the relationships you want. To stand out, get noticed through associated channels Part of your marketing plan should include points of contact that your prospects can discover you. Of all the methods of .municating your messages, direct solicitation is always the toughest. To avoid this, make a list of points of contact you can use for future promotional activities. Here are some questions to consider: Where do they .work? What conferences or workshops do they attend? What magazines, publications and newsletters do they read? What websites do they visit frequently? What directories are they listed in? Where do they advertise their services? Your promotional activities should be pointed toward these areas. Otherwise, youre left with direct solicitation that isnt the most effective way. 相关的主题文章: