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Business Mukesh Ambani run Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is Indias largest private sector .pany in terms of market capitalization and a Fortune 500 .pany no less. It runs the biggest oil refinery unit in the world and is currently the worlds largest producer of polyester. It chairman and leader Mukesh Ambani is no less habituated to accolades similar to that of RIL. He is one of the 50 Most Influential people in the global financial sector; the first non-American non-executive director of Bank of America one of worlds leading financial institutions and his possibly the face of corporate leadership in India and the world. Mukesh Ambani almost personifies the pursuit of big, better and the best. He owns more than 45 percent of stake in Reliance Industries, valued at $26.7 billion as on September 7, yet the big dream Mukesh Ambani is chasing goes beyond just the numbers he crunches. As far as his brainchild RIL is concerned, he dreams of taking it global. A quest for global presence drives him to partner up with other leading organizations of the world in order to result in a proposition that looks at wholesome, holistic and mutually beneficial growth of both organizations. Testaments to this pursuit is the much acclaimed deal RIL signed with London based energy major BP Plc, which will result in development and augmentation of deep sea oil reserves of India; RILs partnership with international hedge fund leader D E Shaw, which will propel Reliance Industries into financial services sector and even the acquisition of shale gas assets in US based energy .panies, that will help develop natural gas reserves in a prolific way. As for his country, Mukesh Ambani dreams of building a nation that creates opportunities rather than seeking them. There is a strong realization to be a part of the overall growth of the country, which has supported and nurtured RIL all along. As of today, RIL charts 10% share in Sensex listing, adds substantially to Indias GDP and is a major contributor to Indias core sectors including fertilizers and power as far as proving energy resources is concerned. Future for RIL is bright, undoubtedly. After successfully establishing its presence in core sectors, Reliance is eyeing growth prospects in its subsidiary sectors like retail, tele. and financial services. It is a dream to be omnipresent, but in a way that exemplifies the big factor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: