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Museum visitors contrarian growth   Beijing’s major scenic tourist numbers fell – Beijing channel — original title: museum visitors to the city each big contrarian growth year-on-year decline in the number of tourists to Beijing morning news (reporter Wu Tingting) Beijing yesterday was sunny autumn, on the contrary some cold, the city’s major scenic tourist number up decreased. City Tourism Commission statistics show that yesterday, the city’s 180 major scenic spot monitoring of tourists received a total of 2 million 828 thousand passengers, down by 17.8%. City Tourism Commission, the city a scenic spot is divided into historical and cultural tourist attractions, urban park type scenic spots, modern entertainment type scenic spots, natural landscape and scenic spots of the museum. Among them, the number of natural scenic scenic reception fell, only received 193 thousand people yesterday, down by 32%. City Park Scenic Area visitors to reduce the amount is also very obvious, 11%, modern entertainment scenic area decreased by a year earlier, the historical and cultural tourism scenic area received a total of 1 million 87 thousand people, down by 7.7%. Modern entertainment scenic reception 225 thousand people, down by 10.5%. It is worth noting that the museum tourism spot traffic trend growth, 122 thousand tourists reception yesterday, an increase of 32.3%. This is the only scenic spot in all types of tourist attractions in the area of growth. For example, the the Imperial Palace yesterday received 82 thousand people, an increase of 17%, science and Technology Museum received a total of 32 thousand people, an increase of 26%. Although many scenic tourist volume decreased, but part of the traditional historical and cultural scenic tourist number is still not reduced, the Tiantan Park received 63 thousand people, an increase of 11.6%, Badaling received 39 thousand people, an increase of 14.3%. In addition, the Beijing zoo, the Summer Palace, Beihai Park, Zhongshan Park tourists decreased significantly. Year decrease of 26.2%. Yesterday, the city’s law enforcement officers to focus on strengthening the price of supermarkets, catering companies, tourist attractions and the surrounding parking price check inspections, inspections from the situation inspection, adequate supply of holiday market goods, price of daily necessities is basically stable, the market price of good order. Yesterday, the city’s various departments and districts for the tourism market order law enforcement officers dispatched 3413 passengers, vehicles 876 times, check coaches 61, check guides 73 passengers, check the tourism enterprises and scenic spots 279, and from 155 to clean up unlicensed behavior, the confiscation of a small ad 2548, and copycat guideposts, window advertising, body ad 5, the city’s demolition of 3, no major tourist complaints. From 14 to October 6th at the age of 14 on the year of October 5th, the complaint hotline of tourist services and the total number of complaints received by the 12345 and 12301 of the total number of complaints, including one of the illegal day trips and 3 travel agencies, were found in 1 and 5. South gong popular unabated yesterday afternoon, Nanluogu Lane yourenruzhi. National Day Holiday Countdown, the city’s tourist attractions in the city a few days ago, but still in the reception peak. Beijing morning news reporter Shi Chunyang photo相关的主题文章: