New year equity private placement fell nearly five in January, the loss of the top 50%- fund channel 泰山学院教务处

New year equity private placement, nearly January decline in the first five are deficit 50%- fund channel Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Cui Qibin Xu Chenhui) this year, A stock market shocks continue, so that private equity products suffered heavy losses. Good buy fund recently released private equity fund monthly data show that equity private equity in January average decline of 13.34%, directional increase hairstyle, straddle type private placement is also significantly dragged down. From a good buy fund research center survey, part of the stock type private equity fund in the fourth quarter of the year gradually increased positions, and maintain a relatively high position to meet the spring market. However, the performance of A shares backfired, and the slump in the market and the lack of liquidity led to the withdrawal of many private equity funds. Data show that the past 1 months, only five are the largest decline were jade letter No. 2, No. 71, a high structured securities Kaida fund 3 (subordinated), chaos No. 2 sea, Keyser No. two (radical), a decrease of more than 50%. Among them, jade letter 2, securities structured No. 71, chaos No. 2 in the month of retreat were -63.26%, -54.3%, -61.56%. Returns the top five respectively 2, Tim Lee Xingyun Xingyun to phase 1, No. 1, zeran Xingyun GF fund 5, one period?. In addition to private equity losses, China Daily reporter noted that this year 1 month month average yield of various types of private equity were down, such as the private placement of private 1 month average yield from last year 12 month 2.29% down to -14.59%, and the private equity market neutral type average this year 1 month decline of -3.49%, reaching a maximum in a single month 2014 years 12 months. In fact, in January this year, the stock market fell apart from strong performance in the factor of small cap stocks, more is due to the implementation of circuit breakers at the beginning of the month exacerbated the market panic, leading stocks fell sharply, the fuse more than the index, making the market neutral fund losses. For the private equity market, a good buy fund believes that the recovery and release policy regulators market participants mood, is still an important basis to market neutral fund performance, investors in the current market environment, can focus on some smaller hedge funds. Under the background of global market volatility and risk aversion, market neutral such robust investment varieties can play a certain role in evading market risk.

新年权益类私募栽跟头 近1月跌幅前五均亏超50%-基金频道   北京商报讯 (记者 崔启斌 许晨辉)今年以来,A股市场震荡不断,让权益类私募产品损失惨重。好买基金最新发布的私募基金月报数据显示,股票型私募1月平均跌幅达13.34%,定向增发型、多空仓型私募也明显受到拖累。  从好买基金研究中心的调研情况来看,部分股票型私募基金去年四季度仓位逐渐提高,并且保持着相对较高的仓位迎接春季行情。但A股的表现事与愿违,暴跌的行情加之流动性不足的影响,使得很多私募基金回撤严重。  数据显示,近1个月以来,跌幅最大的前五只产品分别为玉信2号、证券结构化71号、高创-凯达3号基金(劣后)、混沌2号中海、凯泽二号(激进型),跌幅均超过50%。其中,玉信2号、证券结构化71号、混沌2号中海月回撤分别为-63.26%、-54.3%、-61.56%。收益率排名前五位的分别为兴云添利2号、兴云都来1期、兴云广发1号、泽然5号基金、?容一期。  除了股票型私募损失惨重外,北京商报记者注意到,今年1月各类私募月平均收益率均呈下跌状态,如定向增发型私募1月平均收益率也从去年12月的2.29%下跌至-14.59%,而市场中性型私募今年1月平均跌幅为-3.49%,创出2014年12月以来最大单月跌幅。  事实上,今年1月的下跌除去大盘股表现强于小盘股这一因素之外,更多是由于月初熔断机制的实行加剧了市场的恐慌情绪,导致个股出现大幅下跌,超过指数的熔断幅度,使得市场中性基金遭受损失。  对于权益类私募后市行情,好买基金认为,市场参与者情绪的恢复和监管层政策的放开,仍然是市场中性基金能够较好表现的重要基础,投资者在当前市场环境下,可以关注一些规模较小的对冲基金。在全球市场波动加剧、避险情绪提高的背景下,市场中性这类稳健投资品种能够起到一定规避市场风险的作用。相关的主题文章: