New Year, New Career! Esthetic Schools Be.e A Beauty

Careers-Employment The Esthetics industry is booming and it is all due to peoples love of being pampered. Hitting their stride in the mid-90s, day spas and spa treatments became a necessity for those who like to be coiffed, groomed and buffed. Esthetic schools are in abundance; now offering diplomas and training in all subjects and treatments essential for anyone looking for a day spa career. REQUIREMENTS Most Hair Design Colleges or Cosmetology Schools require their applicants to be 17 years of age, have a high school diploma have not only reference letters (character and job training) but also the passion to research the industry and the ability to .pose a career essay. TRAINING, COURSES AND JOBS Cosmetology and beauty schools are not hard to find these days and all of them offer a myriad of courses in order to make you into the best esthetician you can be. The key to finding the best training is to research the programs and be certain that there is training in theory and practical applications, as well as separate programs for each career path. (Getting lumped into a cosmetology program when you are striving to be a hairstylist will not result in a diploma that you can use.) The beauty schools you research should also have a salon either in the school or a sister beauty salon in which you can practice what they have preached. Hairstylist Training If you are thinking about a hair stylist career , it is wise to choose a school with a good reputation in not only the basics, but in the practice of hair design as well. Hair design has been elevated to a new level with the variety of options available to both the customer and the stylist. Not only should the student learn about the technical side of how to style hair, they should also be taught how to assess clients needs and how to retain their clientele. Here is a basic list of what you should be learning at your school of choice: Hair Cutting and Styling Mens and Womens Advanced Options for Cutting and Styling Career options for .pletion of these programs are limited to salons and day spas that offer hair stylist services; however there are more lucrative and flexible options such as a home-based salon, chair rentals within select salons and more luxurious hair design clientele. Esthetics Day spa careers have skyrocketed in the past 20 years and with the number of new options popping up every day, the career choices are endless. Choose from full service day spas and salons, cruise ship spas, destination resort spas, open a home spa or be.e a makeup artist the choices are endless. Here is a basic list of what you should be learning at your school of choice: Spa therapies (basic massage, hot stone therapy, body wraps) Skin Care and facials Some esthetic schools also have a fashion college option as well and can offer expertise in more areas of beauty, relaxation and professional esthetics than others. If youre looking for a new career that is exciting and focuses on peoples love and need for relaxation, beauty and body maintenance, these careers are the perfect choice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: