Northeast network anchor jump red beauty expressive super cool character

Northeast network anchor: jump red beauty performance, super cool character in Northeast China in recent years suffered a severe crisis of economic growth. However, with the rise of the mainland network, the accident created a job opportunity for the young people in the Northeast depression. Mainland media to provide data show that almost every live platform fans up to the top 20 anchors, there are more than or close to half of the northeast, the Northeast has become the backbone of young people in the platform. The daughter of Zhao Benshan live in Taiwan. "United Daily News" on August 25th citing mainland media reported that the survey shows that the Northeast anchor hearty, sincere, glib, strong performance characteristics, they can quickly become the most popular reason for live ring anchor group. In addition, the live broadcast in the Northeast so prosperous, and its declining economy also has a certain relationship. Data show that in 2015 GDP growth in the whole northeast, Liaoning provinces were the bottom, Heiji is the reciprocal of the first, third and fourth. Behind the bad GDP growth figures are scarce jobs. Reported that the three northeastern provinces per capita disposable income, only slightly higher than average level, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Jilin province are lower than the average level, while the Northeast wages less than 3000 yuan per capita available. In contrast, the vast majority of the current live platform anchor revenues are at least more than 5000 yuan. For the rising unemployment rate, the outflow of the population of the three northeastern provinces, the live may be able to seize a straw. "A regular anchor for a month’s income, perhaps in the first-tier cities to live hard, but in the three or four line of the city can live a good life, this is why these years in the northeast, more and more people join the ranks of the main causes of live." An insider said. "Have you ever seen Losangeles at four in the morning?" Basketball star Kobe has been talking about the secret of his success, Xiao Xin (a pseudonym) did not hear this sentence, but she is very familiar with the Beijing four in the morning, because this is the end of her daily broadcast time. But even so, Xiao Xin is still very satisfied with the status quo. The 24 year old just after the end of the Anshan girl has been full of hard work in Beijing for the past 6 years, before entering the live broadcast industry, she is a small foreign trade company in Beijing to do front service. Xiao Xin came into contact with the broadcast industry is a social software unfamiliar street". Xiao Xin quickly accumulated in the first batch of fans on this platform, and then in a few loyal fans recommended, she opened a live broadcast in a number of live platforms, had a new life". Is being broadcast live in the Northeast female anchor reported that, in the live rivers and lakes, the famous anchor often has another name". In the network the red circle, the maximum volume is the Northeast forthright man. The son (a pseudonym) came to the south of entrepreneurship in about 2010, although the final business failure, but several real estate investment but let him earn a lot. Last year, he returned to the northeast, with the money began to enter the broadcast industry. He believes that the characteristics of northeast anchor character is clear, very easy and user interaction, and the Northeast artists of northeast words popularized, which makes northeast anchor easily accepted. Reported that unfamiliar street recently released live broadcast report shows that the contents of the north and south anchor differences.相关的主题文章: