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The reform program of oil and gas system in   furnace; electric power system reform will continue to deepen — energy — people.com.cn original title: oil and gas system reform plan released this year will continue to deepen the reform of electric power system in August 25th, the National Energy Bureau issued the "CPC National Energy Bureau party on patrol rectification briefing" (hereinafter referred to as the "bulletin"), lists a number of strategic planning, the reform program released schedule, while acknowledging that because in the past the lack of supervision, examination and approval will cause a number of historical legacy, and lists the rectification plan. According to the notification content, much attention on deepening the reform of oil and gas, a number of opinions will be introduced before the end of this year. The power system reform will continue to deepen. From February 28th to April 29th this year, the central thirteenth inspection teams on the national energy bureau Party conducted a special inspection for a period of 2 months. June 6th, the central thirteenth inspection teams to the national energy board feedback feedback. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, the national energy board yesterday announced a patrol rectification. Among them, clearly put up to promote energy system revolution, will promote the distributed energy, to the pilot work of complementary, smart grid, electric power and natural gas supplying, innovative energy production and utilization mode, promote the reform of institutional mechanisms. In addition to the completion of the "energy system revolution strategic action plan in this year (2016 – 2030)" and "energy system reform" in 13th Five-Year "planning" the preparation of the National Energy Bureau will steadily push forward the reform of petroleum and natural gas, with the national development and Reform Commission to promote the "several opinions on" deep oil and gas reform introduced in this year before the end of the year. Earlier, in the meeting of the National Energy Bureau, the National Energy Board Secretary Nur Bekri said? In the central review issued "some opinions" on deepening the reform of the oil and natural gas, the Council will also study and formulate specific reform programs and related supporting documents, in some provinces and cities to carry out oil and gas reform comprehensive pilot or special pilot. Last year, the official start of the power system reform will continue to promote. "Bulletin", the National Energy Bureau will guide the province before the end of 2018 (area, city) to carry out electric power system reform, promote the formation of trading institutions, accelerate the construction of power market, and actively promote the power distribution business to let go. In addition, the National Energy Bureau will also draw up the formation of "revolution in energy production and consumption strategy action plan (2016 – 2030)" (Draft), to complete the "energy development" 13th Five-Year "plan" (Draft) and accelerate the preparation of renewable energy, hydropower, wind power and other 14 special planning. It is worth noting that the bulletin also pointed out that the national energy board past supervision, approval of the various problems. For example, from 2013 to 2015, the Bureau in the examination and approval of investment projects, the approval of the issuance of electrical work permits and network power grid, thermal power development planning and other aspects of the problem. In this regard, the national energy board said it has completed the "electrician into the network operating permit issued" the integration of research and reporting and reporting work, the introduction of the "electric power planning and Management Office相关的主题文章: