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Data-Recovery Losing access to your important documents, emails and even photos, can prove to be a frustrating task. To make sure that you can get back into your account in an easy and quick manner, and secure it in future, you have to add gmail password recovery services. It is not always mandatory for you to provide a perfect phone number or recovery email address, but providing one can simplify your task more. It can help you to regain control over your account, mainly if you are locked out or have forgot your password. Recovery through phone: There are various ways, through which, you can recover your forgotten password or can change it when you have forgot gmail password. Moreover, you can even reset your old password with a new one. For the primary step, you have to sign into My Account. Next, in the Personal Info and Privacy section, you have to select the personal Info option Choose the Phone option and select Add recovery phone option In case, you want to edit a number, you have to select the edit option Make sure to follow the onscreen instructions well You are asked to keep your mobile phone near hand Ways to use mobile phone: The technical team is going to use your recovery number, once you have forgotten your password. This is a special method, followed by professionals, while dealing with gmail forgot password problem. Mobile numbers can also be used to ensure positive security means of the account. These numbers are used to challenge any third party, who tries to break into your account, without your prior permission. If anyone does so, you will receive the verification code, and can take preventive measures, immediately. This mobile phone service can be defined as an alternative way, in case; you want to verify your account. Add another email account: You might forgot my gmail password, and may not be quite acquainted with mobile phone usage. If you are looking for other variations, then you can add another recovery email, to your account. Once you have done it, you will receive your new password to the alternative email account, by just answering some verification questions. Make sure to provide an email address, which you use on a regular basis. You have to provide the account details, by the time you are opening a new account with Gmail. These are some of the easiest ways to recover gmail password when the right time .es. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: