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Internet-Marketing Opt-In Email Marketing is an amazing way of reaching a highly targeted audience of potential buyers. If done right, you will have a high quality and responsive customer base to .municate with, provide value to, and market to for years to .e. It is a real asset. To begin, you will need to ensure the first page people see is an opt-in page. This is also known as a squeeze page or capture page, and is essential in Opt-In Email Marketing. This opt-in page is a simple but Amazingly Powerful tool you MUST have as the first page people see. The reason? It converts traffic to potential customers because you can keep in contact with anyone who opts in, many times for years to .e. It is best to keep your opt-in page simple (you can always redirect them to your more pretty page/site after they fill in the details and collect their gift!) Take a look around the Inter. for opt in pages in your niche, with free reports or audios that seem to convince you to want to put in your information to get the gift. If it worked on you, it will probably work on your audience in your niche. So then, just click in your browser View Source, and you can copy and paste the html code into a simple free html editor like NVU, or the one of your choice. Now, you can have a template to work with. OF COURSE you will need to change it up to make it more original, and be careful not to use any images that are copyrighted etc. However, you will have a good basic template to work with there. Remember with these opt-in pages, pretty usually does WORSE than ugly. So, keep it simple, keep it urgent, and make sure that you are listing real benefits to your potential subscriber as to why he will IMMEDIATELY BENEFIT from the free gift on offer. As for where to get the free gift, one way is to take existing PLR documents off the Inter. and improve upon them, changing up titles and improving content. Another option, simply write your own 10-15 page document from what you know about your niche (or record a short audio or video) keeping in your gift should solve some problems for your audience- that should be the focus of this gift to increase opt-ins. Your goal for opt-in rates when giving away a free gift should be a 50% or more opt-ins for all visitors to the page. To collect the first names and email addresses of your new potential customers, make sure you have a good autoresponder and NOT a free one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: