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Wine-Spirits Are you looking for that one stand-out, memorable tasting event or perfect dessert, original hostess knack that no-one will forget! Then here is your chance. This is unique and special. Here you get the opportunity and excuse (not that you need one!), to kick it up a notch or two. This offers and affords you the luxury, decadence and Indulgence redefined. Oh my! Just imagine for a minute molten, tongue-curling, sweet, cocoa, chocolate tones and enveloping tastes of wine, that presents some interesting possibilities and .binations. Imagine hand-rolled truffles and a rich, full-bodies Cabernet for example. You might be surprised to hear that these are .plimentary tastes for even the least experienced palette, just waiting to be discovered! Can it really be done? Well, maybe not if you dont have the faintest idea where to start. If you know wine a little bit, and lets face it who doesnt know a fair bit about chocolate, then you do have a fair chance of finding that perfect .bination, (even as a novice or newbie at this whole wine thing!). The Basics Both wine and chocolate can be very .plex on their own, so keep it simple and dont make it any harder than it needs to be. To start with, the golden rule is that the wine you choose should ideally be sweeter than the chocolate you are about to eat. At the same time try and look for flavors that are similar to each other. And, if you have a strong chocolate, then go with a strong wine that will be able to pair well with the powerful cocoa flavour. Your Taste Buds Know Best As with all opinions, no matter how many other ideas we hear, it is our own that really matter. The same goes with wine, the same goes with chocolate and the same goes for trying the two together. If you love the .bination, then who cares what anyone else says? Pair Wine with Milk Chocolate Milk chocolate only contains a small amount of cocoa and it is the sweetest of the real chocolates. It usually goes best with a decent merlot or pinot noir and if you have a chocolate based dessert, dont be afraid to team it up with a strong bodied glass of red. Or if youre feeling a little bit chilly, then perhaps try it with a small glass of tawny port. Pair Wine with White Chocolate White chocolate does not contain cocoa like Milk and Dark chocolates. It has a much more buttery flavour and will work well your taste buds if you pair it with a good quality sherry. Pain Wine with Dark Chocolate Dark chocolates contain the least amount of sugar and the highest amount of cocoa among all of the chocolate types. It is a rich intense flavour, and if you follow the general rule of thumb of choosing the same strength wine to chocolate, then a nutty, slightly bitter tasting wine should match well with this type of chocolate. The knack When you have found two flavors that you think would work well together, you can sit back, relax and enjoy. Remember to remind yourself that only your opinion really counts in this experiment, making this pairing process a lot of fun. At the very least, the discussions around which chocolate goes best with which wine should be entertaining. As they say, its the taking part that counts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: