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People’s Daily published an article: American democracy, the question of where this year, the United States has repeatedly dissatisfied with the people of the political demonstrations. The picture shows the American people sitting in front of the Houses of Parliament to protest the phenomenon of money politics, asking for money away from politics. People’s visual editor’s note: the 2016 U.S. presidential election chaos, to replace the policy debate to discredit each other. Polls show that the American people generally feel that the electoral system has deviated from the original intention of democracy, evolved into a money game and political farce. More and more Americans lose their faith in American democracy, deeply worried about the development of the country. From today, this newspaper launched a series of articles about the American people on the election and the future of the country the confusion, confusion and thinking, reflecting the United States "reveals the election chaos complex crisis". The United States presidential election day is getting closer, use unscrupulous divisive tactics between Democrats and Republicans of the two presidential candidates to duel, mutual discredit constantly refresh people under lower limit. Disappointment with the status quo and confusion about the future, many Americans decided to abandon the vote. A survey published on CNN before the results showed that 47% of respondents said "who do not vote". New York Times commentator Adam · Grant believes that the 2016 U.S. presidential election turnout may be low innovation. Getting into the political embarrassment – "watching the presidential debates on television, in order to see a joke," I’m ashamed of the election." As a Democrat, retired Georgia · and what was once a firm supporter of Hilary, TOYOTA and her backpack had signs for Hilary campaign, but now she was tired of Hilary and Trump. "Choosing the first woman president is indeed a landmark thing, but we can’t elect a woman president to elect a woman president," said Hilary!" For Trump, Georgia said only one sentence: "he is a disaster!" And Georgia · what like-minded people in the United States there are many, they think that the two presidential candidates are "unacceptable". More than 75% of Americans are disappointed with this year’s presidential election, most of whom say they are angry but powerless. In order to restore voter interest in voting, the two parties campaign team even in the debate on the scene played a do not like candidates? Then choose the slogan of the policy they represent. "It’s a very awkward time for American politics." Republican William · Bassenge said, "this year’s presidential campaign has entered a state of watching the presidential candidates debate the friends around me, is actually to see a joke, as well as second days and talk of friends." William disappointed Republican, shows between the lines, he will not vote for Hilary, but Trump is not his "food". "It’s the most vulgar moment." William kept shaking his head, he felt that there will be more dirt was dug up before the election, will only make us more shame. One is to cheat相关的主题文章: