Play is the feelings of 37 legend br intersection of life and death of brotherhood shishangqiyi

Play is the feelings of 37 "legend br" Brotherhood legend. Area of intersection of life and death there is a movie called gangster film; there is a classic called Hong Kong and sentiments; a generation called "a generation of video recording hall grew up." In August 2, 1986, "" true colour of a hero release, not only opened the Hongkong arena in one fell swoop the precedent, but also build a pony brother sunglasses, windbreaker, guns firing times figure. It penetrates the violence aesthetics in the history tells us, the gangster film in addition to the bombing, and the brotherhood and a hail of bullets, and no unique temperament. "Poster" "pony" true colour of a hero brother said "if the true colour of a hero" is the starting point for the true colour of a hero Hongkong gangster movie, that Johnwoo is setting a tone of Hongkong gangster film, whether it is the "killer" or "hard boiled", is the Hongkong Gangster movie medal. Zhou Runfa, Tony Leung, under the scarred body of the body of a man, is a bullet that can not be finished, is to say that the endless brotherhood of the situation of the people of the world, is not the end of the world, but not the same thing. The "killer" by genv Teana sing of heroic pride elegy, "hard boiled" with one hundred million bullets vent with a hail of bullets shock. The "killer" Zhou Runfa "killer" classic battle "and" double tap "mission" is a towering shoot film classic. In the "double tap", an anti Leslie Cheung usual handsome appearance, become cruel, cruel, ruthless murder the king, the scene was very vivid inner tension. Johnny To’s "mission", by Kurosawa’s influence, to create a previous gangster film had the elegance and calm, to brake, the subtle tension conveyed most incisive. "Mission" classic clips closer, "running out of time" and "apostle Walker" is also a benchmark. "Running out of time" as a shrewd police foil a more astute thief. Sean Lau and Andy Lau, a very elegant, a shrewd have ready plans to meet a situation, master Guozhao particularly interesting rash and too much in haste. "The traveler" in the police and the life and death struggle, highlights the brotherhood, exposing undercover brother fellowlike into a crisis of confidence in Hong Kong, the old feeling vaguely visible. "The traveler" poster windbreaker sunglasses, undercover police guns, elite, 30 years of circulation feelings still Hongkong gangster film accompanied by a generation of youth through. They are Chen Jiaju’s brother pony contempt, laughing, Xu Zhengyang and Sean Lau; Wu Zhenyu, Leslie Cheung, Qi extreme smile, Louis Koo evil… These unique feelings of the Hongkong film, spread the taste of rivers and lakes, carved bloody years. Hongkong shoot film brotherhood is brother, hope that you are well! With the Hongkong shootout to lead an era of unrest, the emergence of the legend of the game, but also shaped a generation of heroes in the war in Shabak". For them, there is a game called legend, there is a feeling called big pride, Internet attack sand impulse still break exchange memories are still fighting experience, get the Dragon Sword still surprises. Although it’s screen is not gorgeous, but it is sufficiently simple and crude, it brings a sense of achievement and refreshing experience, the other is unable to reproduce the game. "The legend of BR" game Hongkong gangster film.相关的主题文章: