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What pregnant women eat snacks? These 7 kinds of food to eat out of happiness – Sohu as a "natural source of maternal walnut" a variety of vitamins, especially the walnut is rich in oleic acid, can reduce the risk of depression. Oyster oyster is rich in vitamin B12, to protect the constantly. The disease causes loss of myelin, will damage the sensory, behavior, cognitive and other functions. Red bean and red bean is one of the most antioxidants, which can help the brain to be healthy. Purple sweet potato is rich in iodine, which is very important to the normal work of thyroid gland. Thyroid problems can lead to emotional, energy supply, etc.. Beet sugar beet contains betaine, which is very important for the formation of neurotransmitter. And sugar beet leaves are rich in urine glycosides, Harvard University researchers have found that glycosides can prevent depression. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene, which is associated with a reduced risk of cognitive impairment in older people. And sweet potato is rich in vitamin B6, can be used to treat mood disorders. Yogurt research shows that by eating yogurt intake of probiotics, help reduce anxiety associated with brain cell activity, enhance well-being. Pregnant women to eat small snacks good pregnant mother can choose nutritious, low sugar, low calorie, high dietary fiber food. With these foods are: 1, raisins can supplement qi and blood, and water swelling, the iron content is very high, can prevent anemia during pregnancy and edema. Although raisins delicious but can not eat more, especially some of the mothers and expectant mothers with gestational diabetes must not eat raisins. The nutritional value of 2, jujube jujube is very high. Because it is not only rich in vitamin C, can give mothers iron supplements, jujube is very good snacks during pregnancy. But the jujube can not eat too much, otherwise it is easy to make mothers flatulence. Yogurt contains probiotics can help mothers stomach 3, yogurt yogurt contains probiotics can help mothers gastrointestinal conditioning, and rich in protein, is a good source of protein supplement. Yogurt and cool and refreshing, easy digestion and absorption. It must be noted that pregnant women should be careful with Aloe Yogurt, do not eat. 4, milk cheese belongs to the "enrichment" version, 1 kg of cheese products are from 10 kg of condensed milk, is rich in protein, B vitamins, calcium and a variety of beneficial trace nutrients absorption of mothers. The lactic acid bacteria in natural cheese can help to absorb the nutrition of the mother’s stomach, and the common cheese will not cause the burden of body weight. 5, whole wheat bread expectant mothers in pregnancy need to increase the amount of food intake, hungry to eat in time. Whole wheat bread can increase the body’s dietary fiber, but also to supplement a more comprehensive nutrition, constipation problems may be able to try to use it as a snack.相关的主题文章: