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Business The popular gaming franchise ‘Prototype’ has spawned a hugely successful sequel ‘Prototype 2’ and sold millions of copies around the world. Sales figures alone make the antihero protagonist Alex J. Mercer a well known and recognised character in video gaming circles. The release of the original game fell on June 9th, 2009, with the sequel following on July 24th, 2012. Throughout the course of both games, Alex Mercer develops a number of unique powers and abilities to assist him throughout his fight to regain his memory and stop the spread of a deadly virus running rampant through Manhattan Island. Mercer’s shape-shifting abilities and superhuman strength and speed have produced a fan favourite in the world of video games. Mercer’s antihero persona and struggle against the powers that be cast him into the pantheon of notable video game characters back in 2009. The sequel ‘Prototype 2’, and Mercer’s position as the antagonist throughout parts of that game furthered the mystique and excitement surrounding this character. His iconic jacket followed him throughout the course of the series, with the emblem stitched across the back becoming synonymous with the game and a popular image among fans. It is now possible to own a replica of Alex Mercer’s jacket as the Alex Mercer Prototype jacket is available to buy exclusively from While Prototype fans will be the main group looking to invest in this stylish outerwear, video gamers and non video gamers alike may wish to purchase the jacket for its aesthetic value alone. The cut and finish of the jacket is second to none and matches designer labels for style and sophistication, with the video gaming ties potentially taking a back seat for some discerning customers. The jacket has a fully zip-up front, with additional shoulder epaulettes that add a certain character and refinement to the jacket. It is truly one of a kind as the distinctive collar also adds diversity to the jacket, allowing the customer to wear it in a number of attention-grabbing ways. Its red shirt-style detailing on the edge of the collar contrasts subtly with the rest of the jacket, giving it an edge and making the wearer stand out while retaining style, lending the wearer a certain mystique and charisma. Wearing this jacket out lends authority and confidence to any wearer, whether they are on a night out or at some other social function. The stitching detail across the chest also adds an impressive style to the exterior of the jacket, adding to the depth of quality prevalent across the whole piece. The style of the pockets is also noteworthy, with two broad patch-style pockets with an opening flap at the waist. In addition to this, there is a zipped pocket over the left chest, adding a unique asymmetric flash of flair and style, lending the jacket an air of danger tinged with elegance. This charismatic jacket also features a number of white straps that circle the upper area of the sleeve, giving an additional fit to the bicep area. The cut on the back follows the lines of the front and hangs well, emphasising the embroidered pattern on the back that for many will be the main draw of the piece. All in all, the style of the jacket extends far beyond the reach of any video game, and into the territory of the classic leather jacket, with a rockabilly twist. This jacket would not look out of place at a drive-through movie theatre, but equally, it could be worn to a dinner date. The embroidery on the back, which forms the central focus of the jacket, sits roughly between the shoulder blades, almost taking up the full width of the jacket. The embroidery is most famous for its representation throughout ‘Prototype’, being as the game’s third-person camera often highlighted Mercer’s embroidered jacket . That said, the detail itself, upon closer examination, would appear to reflect two dragons facing off against each other, representing the inner struggle the protagonist Mercer faces throughout ‘Prototype’. The mysticism present in this symbol adds a touch of East Asian style to the whole jacket. Dragons have been popular throughout Eastern culture for thousands of years, so the addition of the line-art style dragons completes the look. The bright red colour offers a further talking point for this already bold jacket while the embroidery is not so large as to be garish, or overly brash. Even without considering the meaning and symbolism present in the embroidered logo, it remains a stylish focal point for the jacket. The embroidery is sure to turn heads in a crowded street or out at a bar. As always, the tailoring of jackets is to the finest quality. Each stitch has close attention paid to it. Furthermore, the detail inherent in the design of the replica allows this jacket to share an uncanny resemblance to the jacket worn by Alex Mercer throughout ‘Prototype’. With the finest quality lambskin utilised throughout the construction of the jacket, anyone who buys the Alex Mercer Prototype jacket can look forward to receiving an exemplary product. This jacket is an item of clothing that can be worn for many years, serving a wide number of purposes. It is the only leather jacket anyone will ever need. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: