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Quanzhou: a dog dog stealing wire 24 arrested 3 suspects of Taiwanese news network November 19th wire sleeve head to pull in a few seconds, you steal a dog. The day before yesterday, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Xi Mei criminal investigation squadron in Nanan City, in Quanzhou City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment seven brigade support, successfully destroyed a stolen dog Gang, arresting 3 suspects, cracked a series of livestock theft case more than and 10, recover stolen dogs 24, recovered 5 decks, pliers and other tools of crime number 1, vehicle crime. Suspects on the vehicle to find the tools of crime squadron police, recently, the area of high incidence of theft of dog cases, the use of iron wire and other means of criminal suspects, has stolen more than and 20 dogs. The ad hoc group through the surveillance video carefully screened analysis, found a van Wuling brand often appear in the vicinity of the incident, then carries on the investigation to the suspect vehicle information. But the suspect anti investigation consciousness, frequent replacement of the license plate, to bring great difficulties to the investigation. Expand the search scope, judged after a comprehensive analysis of the real information locked the suspect vehicle ad hoc group, and control of the investigation. 17 in the morning, the ad hoc group was informed that the suspect vehicle appeared in the vicinity of Anxi, immediately contact the Quanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment seven brigade, to provide technical support, quickly rushed to the car in Anxi. Along the way, after careful Mopai, police in Anxi Hu Qiu finally found the suspect vehicle on a highway, the four directions, investigators quickly will be the car of the 3 suspects in the car at the same time, local control, found 24 stolen dogs and a number of tools of crime. Police introduced, captured a Liao Shu, Hemou and Wang 3 suspects are Sichuan. According to the 3 men, their partnership in the theft of dogs in Meishan, Dong Tian, Lun Cang and Anxi, more than and 10. Currently, the 3 suspects have been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Recently, there is a dog stolen citizens in the southern Anxi area with beauty, Xi Mei criminal investigation squadron contact: 0595-86390560. Related news – crossbow shooting dog men jingfangxingju yesterday morning 8 am, who lives in Nanan mountain village, the poetry of Mr. Lu, home of the black golden retriever dog stolen. "The dog has more than and 30 pounds." Mr. Lu is very distressed, everywhere in the village, found a man suspected of riding a motorcycle, and a box in the back seat of a motorcycle in the discovery of his golden retriever, but has been poisoned. Mr. Lu called the neighbors together to seize the suspect man, and then the police. Police arrived at the scene and found Yang Mouyou’s box has 4 dead dogs. After the trial, Yang Mouyou confessed that the driving an ordinary two motorcycles in the Nanan area, the use of crossbows and narcotics who commit crimes since October this year, has stolen 9 dogs, one day killed 5 dogs. At present, Yang Mouyou suspects have Xingju, the case is under further investigation. (reporter Yang Jiangcan correspondent Fu Huaxin Yang Ahong Haidu Ventura)相关的主题文章: