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Eye-Care With the countless .plaints that many people associate with glasses, it is no wonder why millions of patients are moving forward with corrective surgery. These types of procedures provide patients with a reliable trusted way to repair vision .plaints. Crystalens is a popular method that enables glasses wearers or individuals with cataracts to replace their natural lens with a permanent implant, so that there is no need for both distance and reading glasses. Destruction to the Reading Glasses Glasses are prone to breakage and because of this, special care must be given to them. Even with the most cautious eyeglass owner, they can be.e cracked or scratched all too easily. The need for care and the worry about breakages that is associated with the ownership of glasses can make it an undesirable venture, making surgery seem like a better method for eye correction. Upkeep to the Reading Glasses Other .mon .plaints include the frequent maintenance required. The adjustment of hinges, nose pads and temple arms, can be irritating. In addition, users have to set aside the time to find the right tools to perform the repairs, as well as obtain parts, which is sometimes an issue. Wearers can gain more free time by eliminating the need for reading glasses. Costs Connected with Needing Reading Glasses In order to get a new pair of glasses, lenses and frames will both need to be purchased. The price of these can be hundreds of dollars. An exam with an eye doctor is also re.mended every two years to ensure the patient has an appropriate prescriptions. Expenses like these can soon add up and can be too expensive for many individuals and families. Often, people will defer buying these items and will make do with their old lenses to prevent costs such as these, which may affect their vision and even their quality of life. The Way the Reading Glasses Fit Due to budget constraints, a lot of people may settle for an inexpensive pair of glasses which may not suit the wearer’s features or face shape. Some designs do not offer a perfect fit, unless they are custom built, especially for the patient, which can be quite costly. Even with a great fit, reading eyeglasses can conceal a wearer’s appearance. Corrective surgery can help patients to reclaim their self-confidence and project themselves as the person they would like to be, rather than the person glasses made them. The Sight Obtained with the Reading Glasses Reduced peripheral vision is one of the most .mon .plaints among wearers of glasses, given that the wearer is unable to clearly see objects at the side of their head. If a small set of frames is being used, quality of vision is decreased even more, because the lenses have only a small surface area. Surgery will provide a .plete 180-degree field of vision. The Heaviness of the Glasses Heavy glasses can leave indentations around the eye area. Sometimes, when glasses are removed, your nose area may be red and unattractive. Also, unwanted marks and lines can begin to form where the bridge part of the glasses rests on the nose. Negative points like these can adversely alter your attractiveness and can add years to your face. Wearing glasses may pose a range of negatives that detract from their overall effectiveness. After a consultation with a doctor, you can find out if your situation could benefit from Crystalens or LASIK corrective surgery, for eye conditions such as astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: