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"Real men 2" rescue Yang Mi Liyan Tong Sun Yang raced the Sohu   entertainment; rescue Sun Yang raced Sohu entertainment news on Friday evening 20:20 the "real man" in the second quarter of the program, returning to camp Yang Gang sun back to the troops "misfortune", "excessive blood loss shock" he must be the rescue team in 15 minutes. In the hands of Sun Yang’s life, the team members did not dare to slack off, made a concerted effort to rescue the wounded moment. Sun Yang height 197 is the largest one in recruits, weight and stretcher add up to more than 200 pounds. To carry Sun Yang through the bunker, barbed wire, tire matrix layers, within the specified time to reach the designated position to rescue, the recruits suffered the biggest challenge to enter the camp since. Prior to Chiang Kai Shek’s accidental injury is to let the rescue of the recruits are not difficult. Lack of physical fitness, the new recruits in the rescue road is particularly difficult. Faced with the difficulty of escalating obstacles, the rescue test is not only the recruits of physical fitness and skills, but also the test of whether they have the spirit of unity and cooperation and indomitable will. Fu Zi arm injuries, but still in the rescue, with his legs to share the pressure for his teammates, Huang Zitao and Li Ruizhan friendship bursting, provoke rescue beam, four female also make every effort to rescue only not resigned to playing second fiddle, comrades. Recruits who are divided into multiple seconds to rescue the rescue scene will be staged this week. After the completion of the training, the success of the rescue of the life of Sun Yang recruits who undoubtedly accepted a baptism of collectivism. Look at the exhausted comrade, Sun Yang can not help but cry, repeatedly said: "I would like to thank my comrades." In the subsequent interview Huang Zitao said: "if I let go, he will fall down, not because I am a person make mistakes all hard in vain, because we are comrades, should." The injured Jiang Jinfu also left in tears, saying "I should be a member of the medical group, because I’m not in, so let you eat a lot of pain." Wounded still worried about comrades warm distressed boy. Finally, the successful completion of the task of the new recruits to embrace each other in Liyan Tong’s proposal, cheer each other. The recruits’ War friendship and team cohesion have been sublimated. As Li Rui said in an interview, "we want to do the same, do the same, this is collectivism." In the continuous training of life, the recruits will be under the influence of collectivism, work together to overcome difficulties and become more strong. Heart to a place, to a place to make, is a qualified air force fighter, is the most fighting recruits. This Friday evening 20:20, please lock CO produced by empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Air force report.相关的主题文章: