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Jewelry-Diamonds Ruby rings tend to be very precious and you have to handle them carefully. You also have to be really careful while buying them. Now, you must be feeling that what you should do, well dont worry, here are some important tips that you should follow: * The first thing that you should always see is that whether the rubies used in the rings have been treated or not. A lot of sellers treat their rubies to enhance their appearance. You should know it beforehand so you can take care of the rubies in the right manner. * Also pay attention to the way the color appears to your eyes. A problem with the gemstones shade can signal a lower quality. * You also have to check, whether the rubies have some inclusions or not. The fewer the inclusions are the higher the price will be. * You also have to check out the type of cut the rubies sport. The cut tends to affect the overall price of the rubies. * You also have to find where the rubies have used in the rings originated from. The origin place of the rubies tends to contribute to the overall cost of the gemstone. * A lot of people dont do this, but you should. Whenever you remove your ruby rings clean them with a towel to remove all the body oils and dirt off its surface. * You should dip the ruby rings in a bowl .pletely filled with water and soap to clean the rest of the dirt. Also scrub the rings with a toothbrush * After you clean the emerald rings, you should rinse them in clean water. After you rinse them, submerge then in clean water and dry them off with a soft and clean towel. * Professional cleaning helps to improve the appearance of your ruby rings, so dont shy away from it. Take your rings to a jewelry shop and get them cleaned regularly. * You should be very careful while wearing the ruby rings. Even if you are a little careless, it can cause a lot of problems. You should avoid wearing the rings when you have some heavy work to do. Also store the rings the right way so they are not damaged. Keep them away from moisture of any form, be it water or humidity because it causes a lot of trouble to the metal setting as well as the centerpiece. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: