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S6 guest commentary published: PDD, Miss made a guest doll led 2016 "hero alliance" (abbreviation: LOL) is the global finals in Beijing on September 30th in the United States of San Francisco Bill Graham municipal auditorium officially lit the flames of war, the global 16 top occupation Marines will "hero alliance" for the 2016 world king throne attack. EDG, RNG and IM three teams, will also represent "hero alliance" occupation League (referred to as: LPL), a showdown with the world powers. As a "hero alliance" the most important annual event will also be sent to China occupation, the most professional commentary team, and invited heavyweight guests, all watching the 2016 world finals of the domestic game player brings the global finals in-depth interpretation and review. Interpretation: LPL gold medal team commentary team to help the global finals of 2016 world finals, composed of wAwa, Miller, Remember, Ze Yuan, Joker, long haired, hallucinogenic and Su Xiaoyan LPL gold commentary team, and a small umbrella, less than popular commentary, live in the United States to bring the global finals game, every game is wonderful commentary for the domestic audience. After the 2016 season, the 2016 season in the LPL championship game, heroes Union five anniversary celebration, consisting of the members of the commentary team, it has established a good reputation in the domestic league "hero" game player in mind. While their professional interpretation of events and a sense of substitution commentary style, is to let the game player when watching the game, not only can understand the team play, another can enjoy the game more fun. 2016 world finals, they will once again set foot on the world stage, for the domestic players to bring a wonderful interpretation of the event and professional events interpretation. Official event commentary: wAwa, Miller, Remember, long hair, Ze Yuan, joker, magic, small umbrella, the small, less than. LPL gold commentary team guest commentary: popularity anchors player with you coming occupation in addition to insight into the global luxury commentary team, 2016 world finals will be invited to PDD, Miss, and white crescent smile as guests comments, for the domestic game player to offer the most professional assessment of the event. PDD, smile and white crescent are former occupation players for each team in their match in the routine and occupation players operation etc., have their own unique insights, watching the game at the same time, the narration of the occupation player, game player will also help you to better understand the game, game player can even make learning to the new tactics. Miss as a "hero alliance" popular female anchor, explained many games for her understanding of the race is not less than the former occupation occupation player in the 2016 world finals of the commentary, she will also bring a different interpretation of events for game player. Four guests explain each style, and the 2016 world championship tournament commentary, but also because they become more professional and exciting. Invite guest commentary: PDD, Miss, Miss, white crescent smile commentary experienced 2016 world finals will be the curtain, EDG, RNG and IM on behalf of LPL, and the strongest in the world!相关的主题文章: