Sale of 19.98-22.58 Tiguan Silk Road version of the listing-捷安特xtc750

Sale of 19.98-22.58 Tiguan Silk Road version of the listing in September 29th, SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan version of the silk road model officially listed. The new car launched a total of two 1.4T models, priced at $199 thousand and 800 and $225 thousand and 800. The Tiguan (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) silk road vehicle suspected price edition price (million) 280 TSI Automatic Silk Road Fashion (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) version 19.98280 TSI automatic Comfort Edition 22.58 silk road appearance, the Tiguan Silk Road version and the sale of the basic models uniform, standard xenon headlights and taillights blackened type, and the Aluminum Alloy 17 inch wheels. In addition, the new car also can be optional front fender logo and exclusive body stickers. According to the new car equipped with a variety of xenon headlamps, front center armrest, rear reversing radar, panoramic sunroof, dual temperature zone air conditioning, etc.. In addition, two new models in the sale of 1.8T fashion edition and 1.8T comfortable version of the model to cancel part of the configuration, the 1.4T version of the Silk Road fashion model compared to the 1.8T fashion version cancelled the front seat lumbar support and refrigerated glove box lock function; 1.4T comfortable type 1.8T comfort compared to Silk Road version version of a panoramic sunroof, head of air curtain and the mirror lights, but canceled the rearview mirror folded headlight, the copilot seat electric adjustment and refrigerated glove box lock function. Power, the new car is equipped with EA211 1.4TSI engine, the maximum output power of 150 horsepower, peak torque of 250 cattle · M. The transmission system, the Tiguan Silk Road version of the replacement of the 6 speed wet dual clutch gearbox to replace the current models in the sale of the 6 speed automatic transmission.相关的主题文章: